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Jung Yoontae (정윤탷) is a Korean A-Rank Hunter under the Knights Guild.


Yoontae is a plain-looking young man with spiky black hair. In most of his appearances, he is seen wearing a three-piece black suit. On raids, he wears a suit of gray armor with a short red cape and wields a sword along with a small gray shield.


Yoontae is fiercely loyal to his boss Jongsoo and tends to suck up to him, as displayed when he repeatedly praised Jongsoo during the latter's squabble with Hanekawa. At the same time, he looks after his boss and keeps him out of trouble, as displayed when he restrained Jongsoo when the latter lost the temper with Ma Dongwook. He is also greedy, as displayed when he tried to steal some of the essence stones on Jeju Island for his guild, and is heavily implied to have a bad habit of drinking before raids.

As a running gag to his character, Yoontae is somehow able to sense whenever Jinwoo's shadow soldiers are on the move, causing Jongsoo to believe that he's drunk.


As an A-Rank, Yoontae is one of the top hunters in his guild.

  • Master Swordsman: As he wields a sword in battle, Yoontae is obviously proficient at swordsmanship.
  • Enhanced Strength: Yoontae possesses great strength, as displayed when he blinded a twin-headed ogre with one swing.
  • Enhanced Speed: Yoontae possesses great speed, as evidenced when he was able to land an attack a twin-headed ogre before it could even react in time.


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