Kaisel (카이셀) is the shadow of Kaisellin, a wyvern that Baran used as his battle mount, and Jin-Woo's primary mode of air travel.


Kaisel is a large wyvern with black scales, sharp teeth, a glowing purple neck and underbelly, glowing purple wings, glowing purple horns, and a long black tail.


Return to Demon Castle Arc

In the aftermath of his fight with Baran, Jin-Woo extracted Kaisellin's shadow from its corpse but could not remember the wyvern's original name. As a result, he settled with naming the shadow Kaisel instead. After using Shadow Exchange to return home, Jin-Woo then summoned Kaisel and used him to fly all the way to the hospital where his mother was. However, he did not realize how much magical energy was released by summoning Kaisel and as a result, a number of S-Ranks in the area were able to sense the resulting mana signature. Kaisel was also spotted in the sky by a number of civilians, prompting a panic on the local news.

Jeju Island Arc

After killing the Ant King and escorting the Korean raid team to safety, Jin-Woo summoned Kaisel and used him to fly to other side of Jeju Island so that he could begin killing off the surviving ants.


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