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Kamish (카미쉬) was an immensely powerful Magic Beast that appeared after a Dungeon Break occurred within the first S-Ranked Gate that opened within the USA and was responsible for destroying a portion of the western part of the USA[1][2] and killing hundreds of Elite Hunters.[3][4] Kamish is regarded as Humanity's worst calamity.[5][6]

Overview and History

Kamish was once one of the Dragon Monarch's soldiers, as he confessed when Jin-Woo extracted his Shadow.[7] After a brief conversation between him and Jin-Woo, he explains his gratitude for serving the Shadow Monarch and expresses his sadness and grief of having to leave as his body was dead for far too long to extract. Kamish also says that 4 Humans have borrowed the power of the Rulers and that he needs to be wary. As this was a warning from a Magic Beast regarded as humanity's biggest calamity, it was not one to be ignored. After Kamish was returned to the void, Jin-Woo expresses his anger and grief by punching the floor, shaking the entire Federal Bureau of Hunters building.


Kamish had an intense hatred for Humans, especially when he was briefly extracted as a Shadow by Jin-Woo, shown by when he tried to use seemingly some sort of 'breath' attack on them that had a reputation for being highly dangerous. His hatred against Humans increased when he remembered the pain the Hunters caused him before he died. However, it is not known whether his hatred for Humans was because of the Magic Core implanted in him by the Rulers or it was only just himself.



Being called as humanity's worst calamity, Kamish was undoubtedly an extremely strong Magic Beast.

Kamish was responsible for the death of hundreds of country's strongest hunters[8][9], who was hired by the USA to kill him. Horrifyingly, Only 5 out of hundreds that were survived.[10] And they were the people who managed to kill Kamish. They later gained the title of National Level Hunter.[11]

Just like the other dragons, Kamish was intelligent. His intelligence was at least that of a human, as he and the other dragons can speak. Kamish was able to tell Jin-Woo that there are humans that have a Ruler power, indicating that his memory and knowledge capabilities were not of an ordinary animal/magic beasts'.

- Dragon's Fear: It was stated as the vilest and cruelest ability of dragons. Kamish used this ability during his fight against hundreds of country's strongest hunters.[12]

It was an extremely devastating ability, those who were weaker than the user of this power will be driven to a state of despair, terror, pain, and confusion.[13][14] It was used from the mouth of its user. Unlike ordinary animal/magic beast roar, this roar was imbued with the user's mana.

This ability's drawback was that it will only work on someone weaker than the user.[15] And when was used, everyone (except the user) will get the effects of this ability, which means that the user was unable to use this ability when their allies are nearby (if only the user's ally was weaker).

- Dragon Breath: Just like any other fictional dragons, Kamish was able to produce a massive wave of fire from his mouth. Kamish also used this ability when fighting against hundreds of strong hunters from many countries.[16]

Just like his 'Dragon's Fear', it was extremely destructive. Just a single breath of the fire wave, it can kill hundreds of strong hunters with ease.[17] When Kamish about to use this ability, between his opened jaw, a red light produced by Kamish's mana will appear. Then it will be transformed into flames which will be fired to his target/s.[18]

- Communication: Just like any other dragon in the series, Kamish also able to talk. Which showed that he was one of the few Magic Beasts that have intelligence.

Shadow Soldier

Just like what happened to Min Byung-Gyu, Jin-Woo failed his first attempt at extraction. However, just like the extraction of Min Byung-Gyu, after he increased his desire to make him become his shadow soldier, the second extraction attempt was successful.

As in the case of Tusk, during his first action as a shadow soldier, Jin-Woo said that his ability was supposed to be weaker than when he was alive, but it was as strong as before or possibly stronger. Also, Iron's body got bigger than when he was alive means that his physical strength was increased. All of this makes the possibilities that shadow Kamish was stronger than when he was alive. The shadow's special traits to regenerate any destroyed parts of their bodies make him almost impossible to kill.


Kamish dropped a Rune Stone that contains one of his powers, his 'Dragon's Fear'. The Hunter Bureau offered this Rune Stone to Jin-Woo to try and sway him towards the USA side. However, Jin-Woo wasn't interested in the offer because he already knows the massive drawback of the ability contained in the Rune Stone through the System. Later, after he gets the full power of Ashborn, and after the System's removal, Jin-Woo needed this Rune Stone to get Kamish's 'Dragon's Fear', which he would use against the Dragon Monarch's army during the war against the Monarchs.[19]

The Blades of Kamish are 2 shortswords that were made from a fang of Kamish that was too small to be made into a longsword. It was a treasure of the Scavengers Guild before Thomas Andre gifted it to Jin-Woo. The blades are said to be incredibly sharp and incredibly strong, getting even stronger and sharper the more powerful it's user is.[20] Thomas Andre himself admitted that even his Reinforcement skill would be of no help if he was attacked with the Blades of Kamish.[21] It should be noted that Thomas Andre's Reinforcement skill was able to completely block the Demon King's Shortswords with no problem.[22]


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