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Kang Taeshik (강태식) was a hitman and an inspector under the Korean Hunters Association's Surveillance Team.


Taeshik was a young man with spiky purple hair and matching purple eyes. As an employee of the Korean Hunters Association, he wore formal business attire. While using his abilities or agitated, his eyes glowed blood-red.


Taeshik was a cocky and psychopathic individual who lived to kill and found murdering other humans to be more fun than killing monsters. Ironically, despite the fact that he was a serial killer, he looked down on other criminals and used them as outlets for his murderous tendencies. He was also prideful in his status as a hunter and had the ideology of a hunter supremacist, believing that hunters were not obligated to follow human laws due to being superior to normal humans altogether.

In spite of his ego, however, Taeshik was a fair fighter and respected the natural order of things, as demonstrated by how he accepted his loss after Jinwoo fatally stabbed him.


Dungeon & Prisoners Arc

Taeshik was called on duty to help clear a C-Rank dungeon and was tasked with monitoring a group of prisoners that were being allowed to participate in the raid in exchange for reducing their sentences. Unknown to anyone in the raid party and his superiors back at the Association, however, Taeshik had been paid 3 billion won (about 2.6 million USD) the night before to kill the prisoners by the father of one of their victims.

After the monsters inside the dungeon had been killed, Taeshik got to work and killed two of the prisoners on the spot. Before he could kill the third prisoner, he was interrupted by Kim Sangshik, who had happened to stumble into the room at that specific moment. As he couldn't let bystanders live, Taeshik swiftly killed Kim and attempted to kill Joohee as well, but was blocked and attacked by Jinwoo in retaliation.

Realizing that Jinwoo had been hiding his true skill, Taeshik decided to kill him first but was countered again and again by Jinwoo's arsenal of abilities as the fight dragged on. Seeking to end the battle and do what he was paid to do, Taeshik unleashed his full power and charged Jinwoo with his Stealth skill activated, but fell prey to Jinwoo's Bloodlust skill, leaving him wide open long enough for Jinwoo to fatally stab him in the chest.


As a B-Rank assassin-type hunter, Taeshik was inhumanly fast, to the point that he was able to easily defeat Song Chi-Yul even though the latter had received a strength buff from Joohee. He was also strong enough to clash evenly with Jinwoo at the time and resist the toxic effects of Kasaka's Venom Fang.

  • Stealth: Taeshik was able to camouflage with his surroundings and hide all traces of his presence, essentially turning himself both physically and magically invisible.