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Kim Chul (김철) was a Korean A-Rank Hunter under the White Tiger Guild.


Chul was a buff young man with black hair in a buzz-cut hairstyle. He wore a gray suit of armor with a furry collar, a white tassel cloth, and a helmet that resembled a monster's head over a simple black undershirt. He also wielded a large shield and a long battle axe, and had a longsword strapped to the left side of his hip.


Chul was a very arrogant man who took a excessive amount of pride in his skills, even referring to himself at one point as the "Great Kim Chul." He was very disdainful towards those who ranked lower than him, mocking them as dead weight to their faces, and lacked a sense of empathy for others, as he had no problem leaving the lower-ranking hunters behind to fend for themselves during the Red Gate Incident and showed little remorse when his entire squad was annihilated by Yetis.

Due to his vanity, Chul could not own up to his mistakes even when people died from them, as displayed when he blamed the deaths of his squad members on circumstantial factors instead of his poor planning and leadership skills. This character trait along with the trauma of witnessing his entire squad get slaughtered right in front of him caused Chul to go insane and attack Jinwoo's group upon discovering that they had survived due to their own preparations, a mistake that he ultimately paid for with his life.


Red Gate Arc

During one of his guild's training exercises, Chul was appointed as the leader of the raid party and was annoyed by the fact that Ahn Sangmin had allowed some E-Rank outsiders to participate. Once he and the rest of the raid party walked through the designated gate, its entrance suddenly closed up behind them and they found themselves stranded on a frozen, snow-covered landscape.

Realizing that they had walked into a red gate, Chul decided to have the party split in two based on their ranks and lead the stronger squad to clear the gate and kill the dungeon boss, while the weaker squad led by Jinwoo remained behind in the forest for their safety. However, due to his poor leadership skills, Chul and his squad spent the next few days suffering from starvation and frostbite, and thus were in no shape to fight when they ran into a pack of Yetis. As a result, the beasts easily slaughtered everyone in the squad except for Chul, who only survived by running off in terror.

While he was running through the forest, Chul stumbled across the weaker hunters who had stayed behind and was stunned to find out that they were still alive and healthy, with all the supplies they could ever need. As he was already unstable from witnessing his entire squad get killed off, Chul incorrectly assumed that they had hidden the supplies from the rest of the team and angrily attacked them before even giving them enough time to explain. Fortunately, before he could hurt them, Jinwoo appeared and slapped him from behind, flinging him into a nearby tree and knocking him out cold.

Now completely insane, Chul regained consciousness, grabbed his sword, and attacked Jinwoo from behind while the latter was fighting Baruka, the dungeon boss. This proved to be a big mistake, as Igris emerged from Jinwoo's shadow and impaled Chul on his sword. Realizing that Jinwoo had saw him coming from a mile away, Chul cursed him before finally succumbing to his wounds and dying on the spot.


As a A-Rank tank, Chul was one of the top hunters in his guild. However, he was no match for Igris, who was able to kill him in one strike.

  • Master Axeman: As he wielded an axe in battle, it can assumed that Chul was proficient in axemanship.
  • Enhanced Strength: Chul possessed great strength. He was able to kill a group of ice bears all on his own and wield a massive shield about as large as he was with little trouble.
  • Enhanced Durability: Chul possessed a great deal of durability. He was able to tank attacks from a group of ice bears with ease and was physically unharmed when Jinwoo sent him flying into a tree, even though he got knocked out in the process.

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