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Kim Sangshik (김상식) was a Korean D-Rank Hunter and a survivor of the Double Dungeon. He was tragically killed by Kang Taeshik after accidentally witnessing him kill a man during a raid.


Kim was a middle-aged man with gray hair in a crew cut. He wore a blue blazer over a white collared shirt and jeans.


Kim typically acted in a friendly manner and seemed to have a taste for coffee. At the same time, however, he was selfish and cared more about his life than the lives of others, as displayed when he left Jinwoo behind to die inside the Double Dungeon for the sake of his family.

Despite his actions, however, Kim was not without remorse. After surviving the Double Dungeon, he felt horrible for how he treated Jinwoo and intended to make amends. Shortly before he died, Kim made good on his word and finally apologized to Jinwoo for everything, showing that at the end of the day, he was still a morally decent person at heart.


Although not much was shown about his skill, Kim was evidently competent for a D-Rank, as he was able to fight fairly well during all the dungeon raids that he participated in. He was also implied to be a competent swordsman, given that he wielded a sword in battle.