Korean Hunters Association is a governmental organization in Korea that oversees the hunters, gates, and guilds within the country.

Notable Members

Korean Hunters Association
Chairman Go Gun-Hee S-Rank Unknown Deceased
Director Director Park None None Alive
Chief of Monitoring Div. Woo Jin-Chul A-Rank Fighter Alive
Monitoring Div Agent. Yu Sahng-Won A-Rank Unkown Alive
Surveillance Dept. Kang Tae-Shik B-Rank Assassin Deceased
Ranking Test Reception Office Deputy Jung Gi-Soo None None Alive
Ranking Test Senior Employee Kim Chang-Shik None None Alive

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Korean Hunters Association
Members Go Gun-Hee (Former Chairman) | Woo Jin-Chul (Current Chairman) | Kang Tae-Shik
Non-combatants Jung Gi-Soo
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