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Korean Hunters Association is an organization that is present in every nation. The organization's primary goal is to manage hunters, gates and information dissemination to different guilds.


Monitoring Division

Their existence is the only shackle on the hunters as their primary goal is to deal with humans instead of monsters and punishing lawbreaking hunters except for S-Rank hunters.

Notable Members

Korean Hunters Association
Chairman Go Gun-Hee S-Rank Unknown
Director Director Park None None Alive
Chief of Monitoring Div. Woo Jin-Chul A-Rank Fighter Alive
Monitoring Div Agent. Yu Sahng-Won A-Rank Unkown Alive
Surveillance Dept. Kang Tae-Shik B-Rank Assassin Deceased
Ranking Test Reception Office Deputy Jung Gi-Soo None None Alive
Ranking Test Senior Employee Kim Chang-Shik None None Alive

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Korean Hunters Association
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Non-combatants Jung Gi-Soo
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