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Legia (레기아) was the King of Giants and the Monarch of the Beginning.


Legia was a huge, muscular man with bluish-gray skin, long messy black hair with a sloppy beard, and glowing red eyes. He wore a long tattered white loincloth.


Legia had a strange sense of humor, as he started laughing crazily after realizing that a fellow Monarch had found him. He was also very cunning, as he nearly managed to trick Jinwoo into releasing him from his prison.


At some point after the Absolute Being was ousted and murdered, Legia was captured by the Rulers and restrained by mana-absorbing chains.[1] Eons later, as part of their final plan to reinforce the human world with mana so that it wouldn't be destroyed during their rematch with the Monarchs, the Rulers implanted an essence stone inside the back of Legia's neck, causing him to develop a bloodlust towards humans.

Japan Crisis Arc

Several months after the events of the 4th Jeju Island Raid, the Rulers gave Legia a way out by spawning a S-Rank Gate in Tokyo, where he was eventually confronted by Jinwoo. Excited at the prospect of finally getting his freedom, Legia promised to fight alongside Jinwoo in the coming war, even linking the two of them in a spell that did not let either one of them to lie to the other.[2] He also explained that Jinwoo could not turn him into a shadow soldier as he was a spiritual organism and lacked an organic body.

Unfortunately for Legia, Jinwoo was not as gullible as he thought and discovered the essence stone in the back of his neck. With his cover blown, Legia attempted to kill Jinwoo, but the human easily dodged all of his attacks and decapitated him in a single strike, killing him on the spot and causing his body to dissolve into shards of light.[3]


As a Monarch, Legia was an immensely powerful individual.

  • Immense Strength: Legia possessed immense physical strength. As a testament to this, despite having most of his mana drained, he was still able to create lethal bursts of wind pressure by simply swinging his fist.
  • Truth Inducement: Legia was able to cast a spell between himself and another individual that prevented them from being able to lie to each other.
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation