Legia was the King of Giants, the Monarch of the Beginning, and the dungeon boss of the Tokyo S-Rank dungeon break.


Legia was a muscular giant with bluish-gray skin, long messy black hair with an sloppy beard, and glowing red eyes. He wore a pair of ragged white breeches.


Like the rest of the Monarchs, Legia had a disdainful view of humanity and wished for nothing more than their extinction. He had a strange sense of humor, causing him to start laughing crazily after discovering a fellow Monarch had found him, and was also very cunning, as he nearly managed to trick Jinwoo into releasing him from his chains and only failed to do so because the latter already knew about the true properties of essence stones.


At some point during the first war with the Rulers, Legia was captured by the enemy and restrained by mana-absorbing chains. As part of their plan to reinforce the human world with mana so that it wouldn't fall apart in their rematch with the Monarchs, the Rulers implanted an essence stone on the back of Legia's neck, "re-programming" him to kill humans.

Japan Crisis Arc

Several months after Korea successfully reclaimed Jeju Island from a S-Rank dungeon break, the Rulers gave Legia a way out by spawning a S-Rank Gate in Tokyo. There he was eventually confronted by Jinwoo, Ashborn's human vessel. Excited at the prospect of finally getting his freedom, Legia promised to stand with Jinwoo in the coming rematch between the Monarchs and the Rulers, even linking the two of them in a spell that did not let either one lie to the other. He also explained that Jin-Woo could not turn him into a shadow soldier as he was a spiritual being and thus did not have an organic body.

Unfortunately for Legia, Jin-Woo was not as gullible as he thought and discovered that the former had an essence stone implanted in the back of his neck, meaning that the Rulers had reprogrammed him to kill humans. With his cover blown, Legia attempted to attack Jin-Woo, but the latter dodged all of his punches and decapitated him in a single strike. With his death, Legia's body disintegrated into nothingness, only leaving behind a small black magic core.


As a Monarch, Legia was an immensely powerful individual. It should be noted that he possessed so much mana that Jinwoo was able to level up eight times on the spot just by killing him.

  • Immense Physical Prowess: Despite having most of his energy sapped, Legia was able to generate wind pressure by simply swinging his fist.
  • Pledge of Trust: Legia was able to cast a spell between himself and another individual that prevented them from being able to lie to each other.
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