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Min Byung-Gyu (민병규) was a Korean S-Rank healer.


Byung-Gyu was a thin young man with spiky black hair, pale skin, and black eyes. In his first appearance he wore a black coat over a white shirt and black slacks. During the 4th Jeju Island Raid, he wore teal-black armor with a gray hoodie, carried a spellbook on the right side of his waist, and wielded a brownish-golden mace.

As a shadow, Byung-Gyu had a bright glowing blue skin and wore a tattered black, hooded cloak. He also had black white eyes and carried a teal-colored spellbook in his right hand.


Byung-Gyu was a friendly and compassionate individual with a profound distaste for violence. As a result, he retired early on and was planning on living a normal civilian life as a Korean history teacher before the Korean government announced that they were planning on launching a fourth search-and-destroy mission on Jeju Island. At the same time, however, Byung-Gyu had a strong sense of duty and willingly participated in the 4th Jeju Island Raid even though he hated fighting and did not enjoy being a hunter.


About a year before the first Double Dungeon Incident, Byung-Gyu participated in the 3rd Jeju Island Raid alongside Eunseok and his best friend Baek Yoonho.

Return to Demon Castle Arc

About five days before the 4th Jeju Island Raid was slated to launch, Byung-Gyu went out for drinks and Korean BBQ with Baek and told his friend that he was planning on becoming a school teacher. At the same time, however, he also made it clear to Baek that there was no way in hell that he was ever going back to Jeju Island.

Jeju Island Arc

Despite his initial decision to sit out of the Jeju Island Raid, Byung-Gyu changed his mind and joined the Jeju Island Raid Party the next day, which earned him positive reception from the public. During the raid itself, he assisted his teammates by giving them stat buffs and quickly healing them whenever they got injured.

Unfortunately, their killing of the Ant Queen attracted the attention of the Ant King and he ferociously attacked them upon discovering his queen's corpse, grievously injuring them with one strike each. Knowing that his teammates couldn't survive this assault without his abilities, Byung-Gyu activated his Disguise skill and tried to heal them as best as he could. Unfortunately, the Ant King was able to track Byung-Gyu's presence and brutally attacked him last, impaling him through his chest from the back side. Realizing that he was a goner, Byung-Gyu yelled at Baek to run just before the Ant King devoured his head, killing him instantly and absorbing his powers.


As a S-Rank healer, Byung-Gyu was a master at healing magic and he could almost instanteously heal his fellow hunters even from severe injures. According to himself, he also had the combat ability of an A-Rank.

  • Healing Magic: Byung-Gyu was able to instantly heal Baek and Ma Dongwook back to prime condition after the Ant Queen spit poison all over them. He was also able to quickly grow back Ma's arms after the Ant King ripped them off and easily heal Cha back to full health from the brink of death.
  • Buff Magic: Byung-Gyu was able to buff the stats of his fellow hunters through his spellbook.
  • Disguise: Byung-Gyu was able to blend in with his surroundings and hide all traces of his presence, essentially turning himself both physically and magically invisible. However, he was unable to move whenever he had this skill active, making him an easy target if the enemy was able to track his position.