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National Level Hunters (국가권력급 헌터) [1] are hunters who rival a nation's entire military in strength.


In the aftermath of the death of the dragon Kamish, the five S-Rank Hunters who killed him were each given the authority equal to that of a nation's. From there, the title of "National Level Hunter" was born.[2]

Each National Level Hunter has cleared at least one S-Rank Gate on their own and the four known National Level Hunters are incomparably more powerful than S-Ranks even as strong as Goto Ryuji or Lennart Niermann. As a result, they are considered to be the strongest hunters in the world and reign like kings in their home countries, exerting tremendous influence over society and doing whatever they please.[3]

National Level Hunters

By Hunter Points:[4]

  1. Thomas Andre
  2. Liu Zhigang
  3. Christopher Reed
  4. Siddharth Bachchan


  1. Subject to different translations like Special Power Authority, Highest Class Hunters but the literal translation would be National Level Hunters.
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