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Park Gi-Sool (팍) was a Korean D-Rank Hunter and a good friend of Kim Sangshik. He was tragically killed during the first Double Dungeon Incident when a statue sliced him clean in half from behind.


Park was a chubby middle-aged man man with black hair. During the Double Dungeon Incident, he wore a green sweater over a black shirt, track pants, and sneakers.


Park cared a great deal about his family, to the point that he went back to hunting to make enough cash to financially support them. He was also unconfident in his skills as a hunter, as he stated to Kim that he wasn't sure if he was still good at hunting after being out of it for so long.


Although not much was shown about his skill, Park was evidently competent for his rank, as he was able to fight fairly well against the D-Rank monsters in his last dungeon raid. He was also implied to be ambidextrous, as he fought with a pair of axes.