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Park Heejin (박희진) is a Korean B-Rank Hunter under the White Tiger Guild and one of the five survivors of the Red Gate Incident.


Heejin is a pretty young woman with bright green eyes and long black hair. During the Red Gate Incident, she wielded a small yellow staff and wore a white shirt with large poofy sleeves, a golden wing-shaped shoulder pauldron, black pants, and white boots.


Heejin is a clever girl who does not lose her cool easily and is smart enough to pick her best chance for survival, as demonstrated by how she chose to stick with Jinwoo for her own safety instead of trying to clear the dungeon with Kim Chul. She is also loyal to her guild and went out of her way to help Ahn Sangmin in his attempts to recruit Jinwoo into their fold.


Red Gate Arc

During one of her guild's training exercises, the dungeon that they entered turned out to be a Red Gate. When Kim Chul asked for volunteers to help him clear the gate so that they could all go back home, Heejin decided not to join him and stuck with Jinwoo instead for the sake of her own survival. This choice ultimately saved her life, as Kim Chul's entire squad was annihilated by the monsters within the dungeon, and she ultimately survived the raid alongside Jinwoo, Song-Yi, and two other C-Ranks.

Monarchs War Arc

When the Beast Monarch suddenly appeared and started to rampage through the city, Heejin helped the civilians evacuate to safety and witnessed as Thomas Andre arrived on the scene to deal with this new threat. However, as the Beast Monarch ultimately proved to be superior in power, Heejin could only watch in horror from the sidelines as he managed to brutally overpower and defeat Thomas with just brute strength.


Despite only being a B-Rank, Heejin has sharp senses and was able to correctly and quickly realize that Jinwoo was at least an A-Rank the first time she met him.

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