Park Jun-Tae is a member of Hwang Dong Su's party. He was one of the 7 hunters Sung Jin-Woo killed in the dungeon.


Park Jun-Tae is a young man with a lean and well-muscled physique and pale skin. He has brown hair tied with a small wolf-tail at the back. Greyish-black eyes. During the Insect Dungeon, he wore a suit of brown and black armor with casual apparels underneath them.


Jun-Tae is a greedy and selfish person, seeing as how he was a friend to Dong-Suk and is an active participants of the mans' devious scheme. Jun-Tae is also a cocky person as he approached Jin-Woo without raising his guard up, and asked him to surrender.


Jun-Tae is a competent Fighter-type Hunter as he was able to fight C-rank monsters with relative ease using a sword.

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