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Querehsha (퀘레샤) was the Queen of Insects and the Monarch of Plagues.


Querehsha was a beautiful young woman with glowing red eyes, pale skin, long flowing black hair, purple lips, a perfect hourglass figure, a large bust, and insectile hands and feet. She also wore greenish-black armor that left her upper cleavage and shoulders exposed.


Querehsha was a bloodthirsty individual who lived to kill and savored every opportunity she got to slaughter her prey. However, she also had a motherly disposition towards her minions and regarded them as her children, as displayed by her possessive demeanor towards Beru.


Japan Crisis Arc

Shortly after the Tokyo S-Rank Gate was cleared, Querehsha, the Beast Monarch, and the Iron Body Monarch ambushed Christopher Reed in his home. Although Chris activated his Spiritual Body Manifestation to defend himself, he was still not strong enough to fend off all three of them. As a result, they easily murdered him in the battle that followed, leaving his mutilated body behind for the humans to find.[1]

Monarchs War Arc

After the Frost Monarch found out that the Shadow Monarch had turned against them, he reached out to the other Monarchs and asked them to help him kill Ashborn's vessel together before it was too late. Although the Iron Body Monarch and Yogumunt both refused, Querehsha quickly agreed to take part on the belief that Jinwoo was weak and had yet to obtain his full strength.[2]

Several days later, once Jinwoo arrived to fight the Beast Monarch after the latter went on a rampage across Seoul, Querehsha and the Frost Monarch appeared and the three of them attacked Jinwoo all at once.[3] However, in the middle of battle, Querehsha got pre-occupied with making Beru surrender to her will, which left her wide open for Jinwoo to sneak up from behind and slice her in half.

Annoyed, Querehsha regenerated her entire body and attempted to use her venom on Jinwoo, but discovered that he was immune to its effects, prompting him to mock her. Enraged by his taunts, Querehsha activated her Spiritual Body Manifestation and charged at him with the intent to kill, but Jinwoo easily dodged using Ruler's Authority and then reduced her to mincemeat using his Mutilation skill. Realizing that she had lost, Querehsha silently accepted her fate just as she succumbed to her wounds and died, causing her body to dissolve into dust.[4]


As a Monarch, Querehsha was an immensely powerful individual.

  • Immense Strength: Querehsha possessed immense physical strength. As a testament to this, she was able to punch Jinwoo hard enough to make him bleed and easily restrain Beru with her bare hands.
  • Mana Manipulation: Querehsha was able to create giant glowing green hands out of mana for her own use.
  • Venom Inducement: Querehsha was able to secrete an extremely concentrated toxin from her body.
  • Necromancy: Querehsha was able to reanimate and control the dead using parasites.
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation: Querehsha was able to transform into an insectile monster with numerous appendages sticking out of her back.
  • Regeneration: Querehsha was able to quickly heal herself of most injuries she sustained in battle, as displayed when she regenerated her entire body in seconds after Jinwoo sliced her in half. However, her healing factor was ultimately proven to have its limits, as she was unable to regenerate after Jinwoo reduced her to mincemeat.