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Monarch of Insects, Quaresha (역병의 군주 벌레들의 왕 퀘레샤(eogbyeong-ui gunju beolledeul-ui wang kwelesya)) is one of the Monarchs who invaded earth, an archenemy of the Rulers.


Her body was stated to be quite repulsive and disgusting, with tons of insects forming a wall around her body acting as a means for both attack and defense. Although it wasn't specifically stated what her face looked like, it was said to be shriveled like her body with hollow eyes.


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Quaresha was one of the eight Monarchs created by the Absolute Being as beings with the goal of destroying the universe while the rulers aimed to maintain it. Quarehsha was referred to as the Queen of insects, ruling over the insect magic beasts within the Chaos World.

After the events of the Jeju Island Raid, the Beast Monarch, and Ice Monarch came to survey the damage done to the island. The beast monarch commented that if Quaresha had seen this, she would be hurt by the state of the insects.

Quaresha reappeared when the 3 monarchs prepared to kill Jin-Woo. Quaresha used her ability to restrict all of Jin-Woo's shadows. However, Beru after a dangerous struggle, broke free of the spell and rushed towards Jin-Woo. Quaresha commented at how a lowly servant of hers would rebel against its mother. Beru angrily attacked Quaresha, calling her a wench. As a result of Beru's interference, Jin-Woo was able to kill Quaresha amidst the confusion but was pierced in the stomach by the Beast Monarch.


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