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Rakan was the King of Beasts and the Monarch of Fangs.


Rakan was a large and muscular young man with tan skin, glowing yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and wild black hair. When using his powers, his eyes glowed bright red. He also wore silver fur pelts, a ragged skirt with a thick silver fur waistline, and gold-trimmed white armor on his right shoulder and over his groin area.


Rakan was an aggressive and arrogant individual with an intense bloodlust towards those he regarded as his enemies. He also displayed a very scornful attitude towards humans and viciously devoured one who had the bad luck to bump into him.

However, despite his ferocious personality and his intimidating appearance, Rakan was a pathetic coward and had a tendency to flee with his tail between his legs if he ever encountered an opponent in battle who was stronger than him. He was also a hypocrite, as he called Yogumunt and Tarnak cowards for their refusal to help kill Ashborn's vessel even though he was just about as much of a coward as they were.

Despite all his personal faults, Rakan cared deeply for his underlings and was capable of showing both respect and appreciation under special circumstances. This was displayed when he thanked Suho for saving the life of his last descendant, held no ill will against him for his status as Jinwoo's son, and even allowed him to borrow his powers in battle as a form of repayment.[1]


Jeju Island Arc

Shortly after the Jeju Island S-Rank Gate was finally cleared, Rakan picked up traces of the Shadow Monarch's power on Jeju and traveled there to make sure. Along the way, he encountered Sillad, who had picked up on Ashborn's trail as well, and the two of them agreed that it was about time to start their rematch with the Rulers.[2]

Japan Crisis Arc

Shortly after the Tokyo S-Rank Gate was cleared, Rakan, Querehsha, and Tarnak ambushed Christopher Reed in his home. Although Chris activated his Spiritual Body Manifestation to defend himself, he was still not strong enough to fend off all three of them at once. As a result, they easily murdered him in the battle that followed, leaving his mutilated corpse behind for the humans to find.[3]

Monarchs War Arc

After Sillad learned that the Shadow Monarch had turned against them, he reached out to the other Monarchs and asked them to help him kill Ashborn's vessel before it was too late. Although Yogumunt and Tarnak both refused, Rakan quickly agreed to take part on the belief that Jinwoo was still weak and had yet to obtain his full strength.[4]

Several days after a gigantic gate spawned in the skies of Seoul, Rakan appeared out of the blue and started rampaging across the city, slaughtering hundreds of people in his path.[5] Although Thomas Andre put up a good fight against him in an attempt to stop the massacre, Rakan easily defeated him once he stopped holding back and activated his Spiritual Body Manifestation.[6] Before he could kill Thomas, Rakan was attacked by Lennart Niermann, who was able to blind him and knock him backwards using his Charge skill. Irritated, Rakan charged towards Lennart, but before he could land an attack on the latter, Jinwoo arrived on the scene and axe-kicked him in the head, smashing him into the ground and saving Lennart's life.[7]

With Jinwoo having finally showed up, Rakan was joined by Sillad and Querehsha, and the three of them attacked Jinwoo all at once. Although Querehsha was killed during the course of the battle, Rakan was still able to fatally stab Jinwoo through the chest with his claws while the latter was fighting against Sillad, seemingly achieving their mission and decisively winning them their war with the Rulers.[8]

However, just when it seemed like Jinwoo was truly dead, his black heart suddenly began to beat and he started breathing again.[9] Realizing with a panic that the true Shadow Monarch was descending, the two Monarchs attempted to finish Jinwoo off for good, but before they could land the killing blow, Il-Hwan intercepted their attack and slammed his foot into Rakan’s face, sending him flying into Sillad and causing the two of them to crash through several buildings.[10]

Knowing that Il-Hwan was trying to buy time for Ashborn to bring Jinwoo back from the dead, the two Monarchs attempted to finish him off as quickly as possible. However, Il-Hwan easily overpowered them both, stabbing Rakan right through his upper jaw at one point. Enraged, Rakan attempted to attack Il-Hwan again, but stopped in his tracks when he realized that they had failed and there was no stopping Jinwoo from obtaining his full strength. Knowing that he was a goner if he stuck around, Rakan left Sillad to continue fighting on his own and fled the battlefield using one of his portals.[11]

Upon arriving in a forest located elsewhere in the human world, Rakan attempted to hide but realized that Jinwoo had followed him there. Knowing that he couldn’t win or run away without dying, Rakan bowed his head and begged for forgiveness. Jinwoo seemingly accepted, but on the condition that Rakan had to survive five attacks from him first. Realizing that Jinwoo was mocking him, Rakan transformed to full size and prepared to go down fighting, arrogantly claiming that the human would not leave unscathed. However, this proved to be an empty threat, as Jinwoo effortlessly killed him in four strikes and later brought back some of his teeth to Sillad as proof of his death.[12]


As the King of Beasts and one of the nine Monarchs, Rakan was an immensely powerful individual.

  • Immense Strength: Rakan possessed immense physical strength. As a testament to this, he was able to fight evenly with Thomas Andre while still holding back and completely overpower the latter once he got serious. He was also able to easily slice through Jinwoo's skin and pierce through his chest with his claws.
  • Immense Speed: Rakan could move at immense speeds. He was able to charge at Thomas with such speed that the latter wasn't able to dodge in time and keep up with Jinwoo during their battle without much effort.
  • Immense Durability: Rakan was incredibly tough and could withstand an extreme amount of damage in battle without suffering any injuries. He was completely unharmed after Thomas punched him through several buildings and broke his neck, and was also able to tank an axe kick to the head from Jinwoo and come out completely unfazed.
  • Intimidation: He demonstrated as he put Baek Yoonho into submission, with the latter admitting that he cannot beat Rakan.
  • Telekinesis: Rakan was able to telekinetically control and move objects, as displayed when he levitated several tons of rubble during his fight with Thomas.
  • Power Bestowal: Rakan was able to grant his powers to a human strong enough to use them, as displayed when he did just that with Suho.
  • Regeneration: Rakan was able to heal from his injuries almost instantaneously, as displayed when his left arm grew back in seconds after Jinwoo sliced it off. However, his regenerative abilities were ultimately proven to have their limits, as they did not save his life when Jinwoo landed a fatal blow on him during their fight in the forest.
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation: Rakan was able to transform into a gigantic white wolf. Much like Baek Yoonho, he was also able to partially transform and chose which specific parts of his body to transform, as displayed when he only transformed his arms, legs, torso, and hair during his scuffle with Thomas Andre.

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