Reawakening Arc

Title Reawakening Arc
Novel Chapters Chapter 08-12
Webtoon Chapters Chapter 11-12
Chronological Order
D-Rank Dungeon Arc
Instant Dungeon Arc

Reawakening Arc is the 3rd Arc of the series.

Webtoon Summary

After the experience, Sung Jin-Woo finds himself inside the hospital after being passed out for 3 days straight. Members of the White Tiger Guild approached him for questioning about the incident inside the D rank dungeon, he soon finds out that the living statues and the corpses all disappeared with only his unconscious body found on the altar. They then believe that Jin-Woo may have gone through a double awakening, however, after giving him a test to see if that's true they found that his power hasn't changed at all which led to them leaving.

After the White Tiger Guild members left Jin-Woo found himself staring at a screen and noticed that all the critical injuries he sustained in the dungeon (like his missing foot) was all healed up. As he was trying to figure out what the screen is his sister Sung Jin-Ah came into the room with a fit worrying about her him. When he asked if she could see the screen which to his avail she couldn't. So he decided to try and open the message he received which said "Welcome [Player], [Daily Quest: Preparing to be Strong] has arrived. Jin-Woo opened a message and a large window appeared. He had received a daily quest. It had the goal that he needed to do - 100 push-ups, curl-ups, curl-ups, squats and run 10 kilometers. If he completed it, he would get a reward, but if he failed, there would be a punishment. He did not take it seriously, and the time limit to complete the task passed. As it did, punishment had came and Jin-Woo was transported to the 'Penalty Zone', which is a place that resembled a desert. He had to remain there for 4 hours, choosing to run away from the monsters that were in the zone.

For him to never again experience going into the Penalty Zone, he chose to do the daily quest and like that, he obtained rewards. Jin-Woo left the hospital and decided to enter an instant dungeon using his key that he got as a reward from surviving the Penalty Zone.

Novel Summary

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Characters Appearance in Order

Magic Beasts Appeared

Webtoon and Novel Differences

  • Han Song-I didnt appear in Hospital in Novel.
  • The Name of Nurse and Doctor wasn't mentioned in Webtoon.
  • Choi Yura found out in Novel that Sung has Healing abilities.
  • She asked in a Festival about that with friends, which got left out in Webtoon.
  • Muscularity is actually Perseverance. Perhaps a Mistranslation due to the Korean words.
  • Its called Unyielding Spirit in the Novel.
  • Jin-Woo learned Sprint and Perseverance in the Penalty Zone. This Info is only in Novel.
  • Jin-Woo also received Rewards for clearing Penalty Zone. What its isn't mentioned in Webtoon.
  • Jin-Woo found out about Kim's Sword before entering the Instant Dungeon in Novel.

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