Red Gates are special Gates that, once entered, completely seal itself off and they will only open if the dungeon boss is killed or after a length of time has past.

It is noted that even S-Rank Hunters cannot force open a Red Gate.

A Red Gate could possibly contain:

  • Desert with temperatures over 60 °C / 140 °F.
  • Jungle filled with poisonous vipers and insects.
  • Extremely cold areas that can give frostbite.


  • Red Gates are at the very least a B-Rank Dungeon. 
  • Red Gates have the appearance of normal gates. It's only after people enter does it reveal itself.  
  • Magic Energy stops flowing after a gate suddenly appears, thus measuring its rank is no longer possible.
  • 1 day in a Red Gate equals 1 hour in the real world, i.e. the time ratio is 24:1.
  • Since the Red Gate contains harsh conditions and powerful monsters, weak Hunters of C-Rank and below could easily die, i.e. from burning skin due to sunlight, endless poisonous insects, rotting skin due to frostbite, etc.


To return back to Earth, the entire raid party must be dead, the dungeon opens by itself, or they kill the boss.

A-Ranked Red Gates require 1 S-Ranked or 10 A-Ranked Hunters.

B-Ranked Red Gates require 3 A-Ranked Hunters.


Red Gate Arc

Sung Jin-Woo took Han Song-I into a dungeon to expose her to the reality of hunting and teach her the ways of survival.[1] With the help of An Sang-Min, the two joined the training raid team of the White Tiger Guild. The Gate they entered was only C-Ranked, but things went wrong when it suddenly became a Red Gate. They found themselves in an Ice Forest filled with high ranked magic beasts such as Ice Elves and Ice Bears. One of the C-Ranked Hunters was easily killed right away by an Ice Elf. 

Kim Chul then divides themselves into two teams: the squad he leads would go and attempt to clear the dungeon and the other would wait. However, he only took the B-Ranks, After Park Hee-Jin volunteered to stay with the other squad he took one C-Rank hunter in her place. The two squads split up.

While traveling through the forest, both squads encountered Ice Bears and managed to vanquish them. Later on, Kim Chul's team was wiped out by Ice Elves and a Yeti. Kim Chul managed to survive an fled from the scene. Jin-Woo's team was still alive due to him defeating the Ice Bears; They even set up camp. After seeing them relaxing peacefully in the forest, Kim Chul grew angry and threatened to kill them unless he reveals the one who hid the supplies and left the others to die. Sung-Jin Woo knocks him out from behind, reminds him that it was him, and points out that he brought along "dead weight."

Sung Jin-Woo noticed that the Ice Elves had followed Kim Chul and were using Stealth to stay hidden. After they revealed themselves, Sung Jin-Woo kills one of the elves who ambush them when they entered. The leader of the Ice Elves, Baruka, states that he would spare Sung Jin-Woo in exchange for the other humans. After refusing, Sung Jin-Woo summons his shadows and battles the Ice Elves. As the battle progress, he noticed Baruka's strength and realized that he would need another strong shadow to win. So before he charges at Baruka, he kicks a sword towards Kim Chul.

As their fight progresses, Kim Chul awakens and remembers that Sung Jin-Woo knocked him out. Angered, he grabs the swords next to him with the intent to kill him. As he charges at him, Igris impales him. Igris distracts him, and Sung Jin-Woo uses Shadow Extration to create a new shadow: Iron. More time passes and the remaining Ice Elves have been slain by the Shadows. Angered, Baruka charges at Sung Jin-Woo. Jin-Woo throws the Knight Killer towards him and uses Dominator's Touch to accelerate the object, instantly destroying one of Baruka's daggers. Iron grabs Baruka and holds him still as the Mage Shadows drop a giant fireball on him. Baruka manages to withstand it but is struck by Iron's axe killing him. With the dungeon boss slain, the Red Gate opens.

Recruitment Arc

Jin-Woo is called by Go Gun-Hee about a B-Rank gate that had opened in the middle of the road. Jin-Woo takes it upon himself to clear it. Once he enters, the color of the gate changes from blue to red signifying that it was a red gate. This time, Jin-Woo is transported to a jungle filled with large tribal enemies wearing masks. Jin-Woo comments that it may take some time to clear and summons his shadows who make quick work of the hulking magic beasts in the dungeon.


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