Red Gate Arc

Title Red Gate Arc
Novel Chapters Chapter 56-64
Webtoon Chapters Chapter 46-55
Chronological Order
Job Change Arc
Demon Castle Arc

Red Gate Arc is the 9th Arc of the series.

Webtoon Summary

In order to persuade her from being a hunter, Hunter Sung Jin-Woo and Han Song-I tag along with White Guild on a C-Rank Dungeon which turns into a Red Gate upon entering. They find themselves in Ice World until they get attacked by Ice Elves (also called Hyakki).

Inside the gate :

The leader of the raid team, A-Rank Hunter Kim Chul, tells them his intention to go clear the dungeon but he excludes from his team anyone who is lower than C-Rank, so Sung Jin-Woo and Han Song-I find themselves with three other low ranks in a team, but one of the hunters in Kim Chul team, Park Hee Jin, switches with one of Jin-Woo team members because she thinks Jin-Woo is stronger than Kim Chul. Jin Woo's team proceed to go into the forest which is dangerous because it's the Ice Bears territory. It is later revealed that Jin-Woo willingly went into the forest so that they worry only about Ice Bears and no other monster, he also during that time show his team members some of his abilities by bringing out warm clothing from his inventory to survive the cold, or one shotting an Ice Bear that tried to attack them. They camp in a degaged place inside the forest and Jin-Woo hunts Ice Bears to have food, he also attacked the Ice Bears "home" and decimated them and that resulted to new shadow soldiers being added to his army, most notable between the new shadow soldiers is Tank (named by Jin-Woo) who is the leader of the Ice Bears.

As for Kim Chul team, they managed to kill multiple Ice Bears but ultimately, were almost annihilated by Yetis. The situation became even more despairing when Hyakkis appeared to kill them, Kim Chul managed to run away through the forest and came across the rests of what Jin-Woo hunted, but he thought it was the work of the hyakkis and continued running away. After running for awhile he came across Jin-Woo's teammates camping, eating, and not having to worry about the cold. That sight provoked and incontrollable anger and he tried to kill Park Hee-Jin thinking she's the one who planned all of this but he is knocked out by Jin-Woo who just came back from killing all the Ice Bears.

But the situation is still dire, Kim Chul, thinking he ran away from the Hyakkis was wrong, they followed him and found the camping site of the Hunters. After a fierce battle, Jin-Woo by using the help of his shadows, Igris, and the newly extracted Iron (Kim Chul as a shadow), he succeeded in killing Baruka and clearing the dungeon.

Outside the gate :

During that time, outside of the gate, Baek Yoon-Ho and other employees of the White Tiger Guild are investigating the Red Gate and estimating the chances of survival of the hunters inside, until Hwang Dong-Su comes to the Red Gate site with the purpose of killing Jin Woo but finds out that he is inside the Red Gate.

Conclusion :

After beating Baruka, the gate of the dungeon opens, and the survivors came out (Only those who were with Jin-Woo survived). Jin-Woo didn't succeed in extracting the shadow of Baruka and was in a bad mood once he went out of the gate.

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  1. One of them will later become Tank

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