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The Red Gate Incident was a disastrous event in which a C-Rank Gate that was bought out by White Tiger Guild turned out to be a Red Gate.


The raid was originally intended to serve as a simple training exercise for the guild's new recruits and the team that was assembled for the raid was not qualified enough to effectively handle a Red Gate, with only one A-Rank by the name of Kim Chul in the entire group. As a result, out of the fourteen hunters that entered the gate, only five returned alive and Chul was not among them.

Chul's death was a huge loss for the White Tiger Guild, as he had represented a significant investment and had been set to join the guild's elite strike squad. The number of hunters killed in the incident was high enough to the point that it made national headlines, with even Min Byung-Gyu knowing about it despite having been in Japan at the time. However, as he did not want the other top guilds finding out about Jinwoo before he even had a proper chance to recruit him, Baek Yoonho did not allow the press to interview the survivors and denied the rumors that the survivors had received help from another stronger hunter.