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Retesting Rank Arc

Title Retesting Rank Arc
Novel Chapters Chapter 75-79
Webtoon Chapters Chapter 61-64
Chronological Order
Demon Castle Arc
Hunters Guild Gate Arc

Retesting Rank Arc is the 11th Arc of the series.

Webtoon Summary

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Novel Summary

Coming back from the Demon Castle, Jin-Woo now has two out of three ingredients needed to produce a possible cure for his mother, Park Kyung-Hye's illness. He then heads to Korean Hunters Association and is retested as as someone whose power can't be measured, meaning he's S-Rank. He is told to come back in 3 days for a confirmation test. However, he is later appoached by KHA chairman Go Gun-Hee, who reveals the three day wait to be a ploy they use to give them time to win over new S-Ranks before the guilds. Since the association is a relatively poor public organisation compared to the rich private guilds, the president tries to offer Jin-Woo lots of privileges through the organisation's government influence. However, Jin-Woo refuses since he does not want a desk job and he needs to fight in dungeons (to level up). Seeing his sense of justice, Gun-Hee keeps a good relationship with Jin-Woo and blocks public access to his private info as a courtesy.

Next few chapters are about Jin-Woo selling materials at an KHA, gathering information. Yoo Jin-Ho was offered to be the guild master by his dad if he recruits Jin-Woo. He refuses but after Yoo Myung-Han hears Jin-Woo is an S-Rank, he understands and now only wants Jin-Ho to be the guild master but Jin-Ho refuses and wants to start a guild with Jin-Woo. Jin-Ho agrees and they made a new guild called Ahjin. [1]

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