The Rulers are an ancient race of spirits who side with humanity and serve as the archenemies of the Monarchs.


The Rulers resemble angels, with white robes, white helmets, and six white wings on their backs. They also look very similar and can be somewhat difficult to tell apart.


Eons ago, the Rulers waged a seemingly endless war with the Monarchs. When the Rulers rebelled against their creator, Ashborn defected and joined up with the Monarchs, becoming the Shadow Monarch as a result. Legia was also captured by the Rulers at some point during the war and restrained by mana-absorbing chains.

Around ten years ago, the Rulers initiated their plan to reinforce the human world with mana so that it wouldn't fall apart in their eventual rematch with the Monarchs by exposing the existence of magic and monsters to humanity. Every Ruler aside from Ashborn also bestowed their powers upon seven human vessels, four of which would kill the dragon Kamish in the first S-Rank dungeon break ever and become the National Level Hunters.

D-Rank Dungeon Arc

About four years after Jeju Island was lost to a S-Rank dungeon break, Ashborn hand-picked a Korean human named Sung Jin-Woo as his vessel and had the Architect create the System for Jin-Woo to use as a guide. As Jin-Woo trained hard and raided dungeons left and right due to his desire for strength, Ashborn gradually granted him more and more of his power through the System, allowing Jin-Woo to level up at an extremely rapid pace.

Japan Crisis Arc

About several months after the events of the 4th Jeju Island Raid, the Rulers gave Legia a way out by spawning a S-Rank Gate in Tokyo. Unfortunately for Legia, he never got his freedom as he was later killed by Jin-Woo. Shortly after this, however, the Monarchs began targeting the human vessels of the Rulers and started with Christopher Reed by brutally murdering him in his home.

International Guild Conference Arc

Seeking to even the odds with both Baran and Legia dead, the Monarchs continued their hunt for the human vessels of the Rulers by killing Jonas and dumping his corpse in a river, reducing the number of Rulers active in the human world from seven to six.

Monarchs War Arc

After much searching, the Frost Monarch finally tracked down the Brightest Fragment of Brilliant Light in Korea and attacked him on his own after discovering that the Ruler was trapped inside a broken vessel (Go Gun-Hee) and incapable of using his powers to their max. Although Gunhee was initially able to defend himself in the ensuing fight without a problem, his body eventually hit its limit, leaving him wide open for the Frost Monarch to impale him through the chest with an ice spear.

Unfortunately for the Frost Monarch, what he didn't know was that the Shadow Monarch had rejoined the Rulers and as a result, was caught completely by surprise when Jinwoo arrived to kill him. Realizing that he'd been baited, the Frost Monarch nevertheless managed to escape alive by flinging another ice spear at Gun-Hee, forcing Jin-Woo to chose between saving Gun-Hee or fighting him. Although Jinwoo managed to catch up to the spear and deflect it, Gunhee still died shortly afterwards, as his injures were too severe to be healed.


As they were created to fight the Monarchs, the Rulers rival them in power, with their strongest, Ashborn, wielding enough strength to fight evenly with Antares, the strongest Monarch. Much like the Monarchs, they are also spiritual beings and cannot move about in the human world without a proper human vessel. Instead of completely possessing their vessels like the Monarchs do, however, the Rulers choose to lend their powers to their vessels. While this allows them to cling to their immortality even if their vessels die, it comes at the major drawback of preventing them from being able to exert their full power in the human world and thus makes their vessels easy kills for the Monarchs.

As an additional ability, the Rulers are able to use a telekinetic skill called Ruler's Hands. Due to how strong the Rulers are, at full power this skill is like a miniature black hole, as demonstrated when Thomas Andre used it on Jin-Woo in their fight. However, it is useless against opponents with superior magical power.

List of Human Vessels

List of Rulers

  • Ashborn: The Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light
  • The Brightest Fragment of Brilliant Light
  • Six other unnamed Rulers
The Brightest Fragment of Brilliant Light (unknown name)
Unnamed Ruler
Unnamed Ruler
The Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light (Ashborn) The Brightest Fragment of Brilliant Light Unnamed Ruler Unnamed Ruler
Unnamed Ruler
Unnamed Ruler
Unnamed Ruler
Unnamed Ruler Unnamed Ruler Unnamed Ruler Unnamed Ruler


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