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Rulers were powerful beings created by the Absolute Being for the purpose of maintaining the universe and protecting it from the Monarchs who wished to destroy it.


They had angelic glow. They had six wings and their soldiers had two wings.


The Absolute Being (God) in another world split the forces of Light and the Dark into eight each. These forces became known as the eight Rulers and eight Monarchs.

With their purposes set by the Absolute Being, the Monarchs attempted to destroy the Universe while the Rulers fought against them to maintain it. The Rulers, tired of the never-ending war begged the Absolute Being to aid them and destroy the Monarchs to ensure peace would be achieved. The Absolute Being refused and soon the Rulers discovered that the gruesome war between the Monarchs and the Rulers was merely for amusement for the Absolute Being.

Tired and filled with grief about the war, seven of the Rulers rebelled against the Absolute Being with the exception of Ashborn, who remained loyal. However, Ashborn's efforts were all for naught and soon the seven Rulers succeeded in destroying the Absolute Being.

Ashborn, angered by the seven Rulers who killed the Absolute Being, joined the side of the Monarchs and became the Shadow Monarch.

When the Monarchs betrayed Ashborn and left him weakened and vulnerable, the Rulers came in with their armies. However, instead of killing Ashborn, they begged him, the Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light, for forgiveness. However, Ashborn, who wishes for death was ignored by the Rulers, simply left. Because Ashborn had killed Baran, one of the Monarchs in the battle who betrayed Ashborn, the scales of war tipped to the side of the Rulers. Six of the remaining Monarchs hid in the gap between dimensions, biding their time and rebuilding their forces. The Monarchs, still bent on destroying the Universe, had set their sights on another planet, Earth. Another war had ensued and during it Earth had been destroyed seven times. Hoping to save Earth, which had no Mana, they injected Gates into Earth to increase its Mana to survive the coming eighth war.

Some humans are able to borrow the powers of Rulers, but in order to fully utilize these powers these humans have to sacrifice their life force. This was shown when Sung Il-Hwan borrowed the powers of Rulers to protect Sung Jin-Woo's body from the Monarch of Frost and Monarch of Beastly Fangs. Promptly after borrowing the overwhelming powers, Sung Il-Hwan turns into ash.


  • The Brightest Fragment of Brilliant Light. Unknown name[1]
  • The Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light (Epithet by other Rulers), Ashborn (Formerly)
  • 6 other Rulers (Name & Epithet unknown).

Human Vessels

  • Sung Il-Hwan
  • Go-Gun Hee
  • Thomas Andre
  • Sung Jin-Woo
  • Christopher Reed
The Brightest Fragment of Brilliant Light (unknown name)
Unnamed Ruler
Unnamed Ruler
The Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light (Ashborn) (Formerly) The Brightest Fragment of Brilliant Light (Unknown name) Unnamed Ruler Unnamed Ruler
Unnamed Ruler
Unnamed Ruler
Unnamed Ruler
Unnamed Ruler Unnamed Ruler Unnamed Ruler Unnamed Ruler


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