Rune Stones are rare rewards sometimes obtained when a Hunter kills a Magic Beast. To an ignorant individual, this was just a small rock with strange markings on it. To a Hunter, it would make anyone drool with greed, regardless of their rank. A high-ranker could use the skill, while a low-ranker could sell it.


Rune Stones were initially gifts from the Rulers to enable humanity to hunt monsters down more efficiently. What the Rulers wanted was to spread Mana around this world through violent clashes between monsters and mankind. The sacrifices made by humans were simply a side-effect, not their true end goal.

The stones are inserted into the monsters so that, upon their deaths, their powers could be sealed within - were the sign of the Rulers’ consideration towards mankind’s monster hunting.[1]

Notable Stones

  • Kang Tae-Shik's Runestone - Stealth - The ability to erase all immediate traces of the user that can be tracked.
  • Igris' Runstone - Dominator's Touch - The ability to manipulate objects by hand. It is noted that such ability can only be seen on Rulers.
  • Kamish’s Runestone - Has long sat in a tiny room, in the cold, dark basement of the FBH, waiting for an owner who could unleash its power.


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