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Rune Stones are small magical stones that drop from Magic Beasts every so often. What makes rune stones special is that contain unique skills, typically from the monster that dropped the stone. As a result, they are VERY valuable, especially to S-Rank Hunters.

Notable Rune Stones

  • Kang Tae-Shik's rune stone contained the skill Stealth, which allows the user to camouflage with their surroundings, essentially turning themselves invisible.
  • Blood-Red Commander Igris' rune stone contained the skill Dominator's Touch, which allows the user to control and move objects from a distance. As the story progresses, Dominator's Touch is eventually revealed to be a low-grade version of Ruler's Authority, an immensely powerful telekinetic skill unique to the Rulers and their vessels.
  • Baran's Runestone contained the skill Shadow Exchange, which allows the user to swap places with one of their shadows regardless of range.
  • Kamish’s Runestone contained the skill Dragon's Fear, which allows the user to release a mana-infused shout from their soul, driving anyone weaker than them (including their own allies) into a state of despair and panic.
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