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S-Rank is the highest rank a hunter can be.


S-Rank Hunters are distinguished by the fact that their mana levels are so high that they can't be measured by mana meter technology. As the vast majority of hunters never reach that level of power, S-Rank Hunters are very rare amongst the human population, with only a handful per country and a few hundred worldwide. As a result of this and the rising demand, S-Ranks are highly valued wherever they go and are typically rolling in money, with Hwang Dongsoo casually mentioning that he makes enough cash to last three generations. It should also be noted that a fight between S-Ranks typically devastates the surrounding landscape and that S-Ranks are so powerful that it can be almost impossible to hold them accountable if they commit crimes, as displayed by how Jinwoo was never charged with murder for killing Dongsoo.

However, as their mana levels can't be measured, there is no power cap on S-Ranks like there is with the lower ranks. As a result, the power gaps between S-Ranks is the highest out of any other rank. Also, unless the power gap between two S-Ranks is very large, it is virtually impossible to accurately compare them in strength. As a result, S-Ranks are ranked internationally by their achievements via a point system created by the Federal Bureau of Hunters, and not by their raw power or mana levels.


Korean S-Rank Hunters
Baek Yoonho
Choi Jong-In
Lim Tae-Gyu
Ma Dongwook
Min Byung-Gyu
Baek Yoonho Insignia White Tiger.png Choi Jong-In Insignia Hunters.png Lim Tae-Gyu Insignia Reapers.png Ma Dongwook Insignia Fame.png Min Byung-Gyu
Cha Hae-In
Sung Il-Hwan
Go Gunhee
Sung Jinwoo
Eunseok Cha Hae-In Insignia Hunters.png Sung Il-Hwan Go Gunhee Sung Jinwoo


Japanese S-Rank Hunters
Akari Shimizu‎‎
Atsushi Kumamoto‎‎
Goto Ryuji
Ippei Izawa
Kanae Tawata
Akari Shimizu‎‎JP Japan Insignia 1.png Atsushi Kumamoto‎‎JP Japan Insignia 1.png Goto RyujiJP Japan Insignia 1.png Ippei Izawa‎‎JP Japan Insignia 1.png Kanae TawataJP Japan Insignia 1.png
Kenzo Tanaka‎‎
Mari Ishida‎‎
Minoru Hoshino
Tatsumi Fujishima‎‎
Kei‎‎JPJapan Insignia 1.png Kenzo Tanaka‎‎JP Japan Insignia 1.png Mari Ishida‎‎JP Japan Insignia 1.png Minoru HoshinoJP Japan Insignia 1.png

Tatsumi Fujishima‎‎ JP Japan Insignia 1.png
Reiji Sugimoto‎‎
Reiji Sugimoto‎‎ JP Japan Insignia 1.png


American S-Rank Hunters
Christopher Reed
Thomas Andre
Hwang Dongsoo
Christopher ReedUS Thomas AndreUS Scavenger Insignia.png Hwang DongsooUS Scavenger Insignia.png BrentUS

Other S-Rank Hunters

Liu Zhigang
Siddharth Bachchan
Lennart Niermann
Jay Mills
Liu ZhigangCN Siddharth BachchanIN Lennart NiermannDE JonasBR Jay MillsCA
Yuri Orloff
Yuri OrloffRU