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S-Rank is the 6th Rank of Hunters and the Second highest Rank that any Hunter can get, below National Level Hunters.


S-Rank Hunters are powerful Hunters whose Magic Power/Mana cannot be measured by a Magic Power Detector.

In Korea, S-Rank hunters are strongly sought for their abilities and that is why the top 5 guilds of South Korea are filled with S-Rank hunters. So far, only the Hunters Guild were able to acquire 2 S-Rank hunters in their guild.

In China, Hunters are not measured by Ranks but rather Stars. For example, Liu Zhigang, a Chinese National Level Hunter is 7-Stars.

S-Rank and Above

See: Special Authority Hunters

S-Ranks often had a gap of power because there is not yet a way to measure Hunters who are S-Rank, SS-Rank, or SSS-Rank. Therefore there could be Hunters who were SSS-Ranks but still labeled as regular S-Ranks.

After S-Rank came National Level Hunters.

South Korea S-Rank Hunters

There are 10 S-Rank Hunters in South Korea. Cha Hae-In is the ninth S-Rank Hunter and Sung Jin-Woo is the tenth. Eun-Suk died in the third Jeju Island Raid and Hwang Dong-Su defected to America. Sung Il-Hwan was unofficially considered as an S-Rank because of his proof of strength to be able to defeat Hwang Dong-Su easily and his other amazing feats will be shown in the later chapter.

South Korea S-Rank Hunters
Baek Yoon-Ho
Cha Hae-In
Choi Jong-In
Go Gun-Hee
Lim Tae-Gyu
Baek Yoon-Ho Insignia White Tiger.png Cha Hae-In Insignia Hunters.png Choi Jong-In Insignia Hunters.png Go Gun-Hee Lim Tae-Gyu Insignia Reapers.png
Ma Dong-Wook
Min Byung-Gyu
Sung Il-Hwan
Sung Jin-Woo
Ma Dong-Wook Insignia Fame.png Min Byung-Gyu Sung Il-Hwan


Sung Jin-Woo Eun-Suk

Japanese S-Rank Hunters

In Japan, there are 21 S-Rank Hunters of which 11 (include Goto Ryuji) are in Draw Sword Guild. This makes it the second-strongest Guild in Asia.

Japanese S-Rank Hunters
Akari Shimizu‎‎
Atsushi Kumamoto‎‎
Goto Ryuji
Ippei Izawa
Kanae Tawata
Akari Shimizu‎‎JP Japan Insignia 1.png Atsushi Kumamoto‎‎JP Japan Insignia 1.png Goto RyujiJP Japan Insignia 1.png Ippei Izawa‎‎JP Japan Insignia 1.png Kanae TawataJP Japan Insignia 1.png
Kenzo Tanaka‎‎
Mari Ishida‎‎
Minoru Hoshino
Reiji Sugimoto‎‎
Kei‎‎JPJapan Insignia 1.png Kenzo Tanaka‎‎JP Japan Insignia 1.png Mari Ishida‎‎JP Japan Insignia 1.png Minoru HoshinoJP Japan Insignia 1.png Reiji Sugimoto‎‎ JP Japan Insignia 1.png
Tatsumi Fujishima‎‎
Tatsumi Fujishima‎‎ JP Japan Insignia 1.png

American S-Rank Hunters

In USA, there are at last 50 S-Rank Hunters of which 4 are known.

American S-Rank Hunters
Christopher Reed
Hwang Dong-Su
Thomas Andre
BrentUS Christopher ReedUS Scavenger Insignia.png Hwang Dong-SuUS Scavenger Insignia.png Thomas AndreUS Scavenger Insignia.png

Other Foreign Hunters

In Brazil, Canada, India, Russia, and China, it is never stated how many S-Rank Hunters that they have. Most of them were only one that is known in the series.

Jay Mills
Lennart Niermann
Liu Zhigang
Siddharth Bachchan
JonasBR Jay MillsCA Lennart NiermannDE Liu ZhigangCN Siddharth BachchanIN
Yuri Orloff
Yuri OrloffRU
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