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Shadows (그림자) are a race of undead minions that the Shadow Monarch Ashborn and his vessel Jinwoo can create from deceased monsters or hunters via their Shadow Extraction skill.


Depending on their grade, shadows have varying personalities. Normal and Elite Grade shadows have little to no personality at all, while Knight and Elite Knight shadows are capable of showing emotions, albeit simple ones such as anxiety or joy. Overall, the higher a shadow's grade is, the more developed its personality is.

Regardless of their personalities, all shadows are "programmed" to be fiercely loyal to their master, to the point that their loyalty to the Shadow Monarch can even override his orders to them. A good example of this was seen during Beru's sparring match with Cha Hae-In; Although Beru was ordered to only make Cha surrender and not actually hurt her, his "programming" took over for an instant when she managed to impale him in the side with one of her skills and as a result, he attacked Cha with the intent to kill. However, when Jinwoo intercepted the attack, Beru immediately came back to senses, realized his mistake, and comically begged his master for mercy.


  • Normal Grade: Normal Grade shadows serve as foot soldiers in Jinwoo's army. In terms of strength, they are usually C-Rank or below.
  • Elite Grade: Elite Grade shadows are the most common shadows in Jinwoo's army, at least at the current point in the webtoon. They are about as strong as B-Rank Hunters. Tank started from this grade.
  • Knight Grade: Knight Grade Shadows are about as strong as A-Rank Hunters. Shadows of this grade or higher are also able to be named. Igris, Iron, and Kaisel started from this grade and Tank ranked up to this grade during Jinwoo's time on the upper floors of the Demon Castle.
  • Elite Knight Grade: Elite Knight Grade Shadows can be as strong as weaker S-Ranks like Baek Yoon-Ho to stronger S-Ranks like Cha. Both Tusk and Jima started from this grade. Igris ranked up to this grade during Jinwoo's time on the upper floors of the Demon Castle and Iron ranked up to this grade sometime around Jinwoo's return to the Double Dungeon.
  • CommanderNV/GeneralWB Grade: General Grade Shadows are incredibly powerful, to the point that they can easily overpower the average S-Rank Hunter, and are also capable of speaking to their master. Both Beru and Greed started from this grade.
  • Marshal Grade: Marshal Grade is the highest grade that Jinwoo's shadows can evolve to and as a result, Marshal Grade Shadows are amongst the strongest shadows in his army. Beru ranked up to this grade shortly after Go Gunhee's death.
  • Grand-Marshal Grade: Grand-Marshal Grade is the highest grade possible. As such, a Grand-Marshal Grade shadow serves as the leader of the entire shadow army, only second to the Shadow Monarch himself. Bellion is the only shadow in history to have reached this grade and he was one of Ashborn's original servants before he was sent to serve Jinwoo. Grand-Marshal Grade Shadows are also far stronger than Marshal Grade shadows, as seen when Bellion easily defeated Beru in their sparring match.

List of Notable Shadows


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