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Shadows (그림자) are a race of undead monsters that the Shadow Monarch can create from slain beasts and hunters using his Shadow Extraction skill.


A shadow’s level of personality depends on its grade. Normal to Elite Grade shadows have little to no personality at all, while Knight and Elite Knight Grade shadows are able to express simple emotions like anxiety and joy. In comparison, General and Marshal Grade Shadows have very developed personalities, as displayed by how Beru enjoyed watching Korean period dramas in his spare time and had his own unique style of speech.

Regardless of how developed a shadow’s personality is, however, at the end of the day, all shadows display fierce loyalty to the Shadow Monarch, even if they were his enemies back when they were alive. This loyalty extends to the point that they can even override his orders to them in special circumstances.


While some shadow soldiers have abilities unique to themselves, they all share the same set of basic powers.

  • Regeneration: Shadow soldiers possess incredible regenerative capabilities and cannot be killed by normal monsters, as they can completely regenerate even if their bodies are torn to shreds. However, this does not necessarily apply against some of the Monarchs, as Antares was able to permanently destroy them with his breath attack.
  • Conversation: Shadow soldiers who are at least General Grade are able to talk. However, they are only able to communicate in monster tongue, meaning that most humans can't understand them.
  • Growth: Shadow soldiers are able to steadily grow in power by killing monsters in battle.
  • Shadow Infiltration: At the Shadow Monarch's discretion, shadow soldiers are able to hide within the shadows of other humans. While doing so, they are able to watch and observe everything happening around the person that they are anchored to. They are also able to send signals to the Shadow Monarch in case something goes wrong.


  • Normal Grade: Normal Grade shadows serve as foot soldiers in the Shadow Monarch's army. In terms of strength, they are usually C-Rank or below.
  • Elite Grade: Elite Grade shadows are the most common shadows in the Shadow Monarch's army and are about as strong as B-Rank Hunters.
  • Knight Grade: Knight Grade Shadows are about as strong as A-Rank Hunters. Shadows of this grade or higher are also able to be named.
  • Elite Knight Grade: Elite Knight Grade Shadows can be as strong as weaker or mid S-Ranks like Baek Yoonho .
  • CommanderNV/GeneralWB Grade: General Grade Shadows are incredibly powerful, with some even strong enough to easily overpower S-Ranks as strong as Goto Ryuji.
  • MarshalNV/CommanderWB Grade: Marshal Grade is the highest grade that a shadow can evolve to. As a result, shadows with this grade are some of the strongest members of the shadow army.
  • Grand Marshal Grade: Grand-Marshal Grade is the highest grade possible. As a result, there can be only one shadow with this grade and they serve as the leader of the entire shadow army, only second to the Shadow Monarch himself.



  • For the most part, shadow soldiers are almost impossible to detect while they are hiding within the shadows of humans. Only individuals with great perceptive skills, like Esil's father, or with immense power, like Lennart Niermann, are able to notice their presence.
  • Although most characters believe that Jinwoo summons his shadows, this is actually a misconception. In reality, his shadow soldiers are always stored inside his shadow, allowing him to unleash them whenever he wants. As a result, he only has to spend mana to heal them but not to call them.