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The following page consists of information regarding the administration of the Solo Leveling Wiki. You may view all the staff members below. If you wish to contact a member of the Wiki Staff, leave a message on an administrator's message wall.

Bureaucrats (Shadow Monarchs)

Bureaucrats, referred to as the Shadow Monarch's have access to all components of the Solo Leveling Wiki and is the highest attainable rank within the wiki.

Bureaucrats have the ability to promote users to Moderators or Chat Moderators and grand the Admin Role to those who meet the requirements. Bureaucrats may also promote others to the role of Bureaucrat. A bureaucrat will not be granted to inactive members and will be given on rare occasions to those suitable for wielding the role.

Wiki Bureaucrats (Shadow Monarchs)

Admins (Rulers)

Admin is the second-highest rank in the Solo Leveling Wiki. Admins are referred to as Rulers and monitor and make major edits on the wiki. They have access to the majority of pages and are to be contacted when help is required. Admins are referred to as the Wiki Staff and are senior members of the Solo Leveling Wiki Team. Any member that wishes to receive the admin rank must be an active member on the Solo Leveling Wiki and must be in the Solo Leveling Wiki Channel.

Admins have the ability to:

  • Rollback Wiki Edits
  • Removing images and pages
  • Access Wiki Theme Design
  • Access Wiki Analytics
  • Change Wiki Themes and design

Wiki Admins

Other Wiki Staff

  • Agnosel; Semi-Active (Content Moderator, Discussions Moderator)

Wiki Recruitment

  • We are looking for more active staff to contribute to the wiki. If you are willing to join the wiki team, contact Angel Valoel or ItzZoniHere to be invited to the Solo Leveling Wiki Team!
  • The Solo Leveling Wiki team has an exclusive discord channel dedicated to the editing to the wiki and admins receive the role of Wiki Staff on the server. If you wish to join the team and the discord chat, please contact a wiki admin or bureaucrat.