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General Wiki Rules

Welcome to Solo Leveling Wiki and feel free to edit on this wiki. This is a friendly community. Be sure to read our rules!

  • Please respect neutrality.
  • No editing wars.
  • No Advertising
  • Do not provide one viewpoint, ensure you have provided multiple viewpoints to make your editing more reliable
  • Support your article with suitable facts
  • Support your article with actual facts
  • Use a reliable source

Image Guidelines

It is highly recommended that all wiki editors use high-quality .png file images and should avoid uploading .jpg files to the wiki. Screenshots or images should be cropped to have 250px in width and 400px in height on articles.

For wiki articles, please avoid using fan arts for official wiki articles even if the art is sourced. Articles should only consist of images and videos from official media from the Solo Leveling Manhwa.