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Son Kihoon (손기훈) is a Korean A-Rank Hunter and the leader of the Hunters Guild's second strike squad.


Kihoon is an athletic young man with spiky black hair and a friendly face. In his first appearance, he wore a suit of gray armor with brass highlights, a blue midsection, and a long purple cape with white designs.


Kihoon comes off as both amicable and responsible and aspires to get a promotion within his guild as the official leader of his guild's second strike squad. He can also be calculating, as demonstrated when he only went along with the high orcs for a chance to attack their leader.


Hunters Guild Gate Arc

On his first day as the unofficial head of his guild's second strike squad, the squad's porter failed to show up, prompting Kihoon to ask the mining and hauling teams for a volunteer. Jinwoo ultimately agreed to go when nobody else was willing and with that, Kihoon led his squad through the gate.


As a A-Rank Hunter, Kihoon is one of the top hunters in his guild.

  • Enhanced Strength: Kihoon possesses great physical strength, as displayed by how he was able to fight evenly against a high orc.
  • Enhanced Durability: Kihoon possesses great durability. He was able to take a direct hit from a high orc's javelin without suffering any visible injuries, albeit at the cost of his shield.



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