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Song Chi-Yul (송치열) is a Korean C-Rank Hunter and kumdo teacher. He is also one of Jinwoo's old friends, having known him since he was a E-Rank Hunter, and a survivor of the Double Dungeon.


Chi-Yul is a thin middle-aged man with blonde hair, prominent wrinkles, and no left arm, due to having lost it during his experience in the Double Dungeon. In his first appearance, he wore a simple blue tracksuit.


Chi-Yul is a lively and sarcastic man with a strong sense of duty, to the point that he refused to retire from hunting even after losing his right arm in the Double Dungeon. He also cares for his comrades, as demonstrated by his interactions with Jinwoo and Joohee, and was willing to sacrifice himself for them on multiple occasions.

Although he prefers to hunt with a plan in mind, Chi-Yul is willing to take risks from time to time. However, he is also open to the opinions of others and never forces anyone into doing anything they don't want to.


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Chi-Yul is a competent fire user and rarely had any trouble out in the field as a result. He is also a master at kumdo and was even able to teach it to Cha Hae-In. Chi-Yul also has a surprising amount of endurance, to the point that he was able to function normally even after the Statue of God fried his right arm off.