Song Chi-Yul (송치열(城致列)) is one of the hunters who survived in Double Dungeon.


Song Chi-Yeol is a lively and sometimes sarcastic man. However, he is willing to get serious should the situation demand it. Although he found his work annoying at times, he was dedicated to being a Hunter, believing it was his duty to protect people, and had no intention of retiring, even after losing his left arm in the Double Dungeon. He also cared deeply about his comrades and showed his willingness to sacrifice himself for them on multiple occasions.

Song Chi-Yeol could also be a risk-taker at times, as seen when he suggested going deeper into the Double Dungeon without a propper plan. However, he is willing to listen to the opinions of others and never forced anyone into doing anything.


A middle-aged man with fiery orange hair and wrinkled face. The man wears a blue tracksuit


He is a a swordsman and a mage-class hunter at the same time. Song is so good at sword arts, that he even teaches a S-rank hunter called Cha Hae-In. His swordsman is good enough where he can compete against a B-rank Assassin all by himself( though it is noted he receives a buff)

Fire Magic: Song Chi-Yeol is a mage class hunter that specializes in fire. His magic is strong enough as has no trouble killing large groups of weaker monsters in a single shot.



Song Chi-Yeol is a hunter, who entered infamous D-class dungeon, alongside Sung Jin-Woo and other hunters entered D-class dungeon. As the strongest of the group they chose him to be leader. Later it was Chi-Yeol who suggested entering boss room and was one of a few that survived but unfortunately he lost his arm.

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