South Korea (or just Korea) is the main setting of Solo Leveling, a small country in East Asia, and the homeland of Sung Jin-Woo, the main protagonist of the series and the strongest hunter in the world.

Although Korea has had ten S-Rank Hunters in its history, only six are both alive and active domestically. The other four were all killed in action. Korea is also known for having some of the weakest S-Rank Hunters in the world and for being the only country to have ever lost land (Jeju Island) to a S-Rank dungeon break. As a result, the country had a poor international image of its hunters for years until Jin-Woo single-handedly reclaimed Jeju four years after it was lost, making him a national hero in Korea and one of the strongest hunters in Asia, only surpassed by Liu Zhigang and Siddharth Bachchan at that point.


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