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Statue of God (신상)[1] was Kandiaru's masterpiece and strongest puppet.


The Statue of God was a gigantic stone copy of the Absolute Being with glowing red eyes and black sclera. Its most defining trait was its extremely creepy and sadistic smile, a characteristic that it shared with its creator.


D-Rank Dungeon Arc

The Statue of God first appeared when Jinwoo and the rest of his raid party entered the Double Dungeon. While they were exploring the inside the dungeon, Joohee noticed its eyes move and attempted to warn Jinwoo about this. Although Jinwoo initially dismissed her claims, it wasn't until the doors to the dungeon closed and the other statues started to attack them that he realized that she was right.[2]

Upon taking a look at the statue at himself, Jinwoo noticed that its eyes were started to glow and yelled at the others to get down, having instinctively realized what it was about to attack them. Unfortunately, not everyone reacted in time and as a result, those who didn't duck down where instantly seared to ashes by the statue's heat vision.[3] Despite the overwhelming power that the statue had displayed against them, one of the surviving hunters foolishly believed that he was fast enough to break through the dungeon doors in one go and attempted to do so. However, the statue did not spare him and fried him to ashes instantly, leaving nothing left of his body but his feet.[4]

It was at this point at Jinwoo finally understood the Cartenon Temple's first commandment (thou shall worship God) and yelled at the other hunters to bow down to the statue, believing that doing so would get it to stop attacking them. Although they were initially reluctant, they followed his instructions and bowed down to the statue. Seeing that the first phase of Kandiaru's test had been completed, the statue smiled, got up from its throne, and started slowly walking towards them.

Realizing that it would trample them all to death if they didn't fulfill the temple's second commandment quickly enough (thou shall praise God), Jinwoo informed the other hunters of this. This led one to them to start singing a church hymn, thinking that would enough to get the statue not to kill them. Unfortunately, he failed to realize that he was praising the wrong god and as a result, the statue unhesitatingly crushed him into a pile of blood under its right foot[5] and then proceeded to crush another nearby hunter to death when she failed to move out of the way in time, having been paralyzed from shell shock.

Upon analyzing the other statues in the room, Jinwoo realized that only some of them were armed with weapons, while the rest held instruments in their hands. Realizing that was possibly the key to fulfilling the second commandment, Jinwoo yelled for the others to only approach the statues holding instruments in their hands. Although his hunch proved to be right, Jinwoo didn't figure out it was almost too late that the statues with instruments wouldn't play unless there was only one person standing underneath them. While he was able to get to one before the Statue of God could stomp him flat, another statue armed with a shield attacked him before he was able to get there, slicing off his lower right leg.[6]

With the second commandment having been fulfilled, the Statue of God turned around and lifted up its left hand, causing an altar to rise up from the ground in the middle of the dungeon.[7] It then silently watched as Jinwoo volunteered to stay behind as the sacrifice and accepted his status as the Player of the System when he fulfilled the third commandment.[8]

Double Dungeon Arc

When Jinwoo reached level 100, Kandiaru invited him back to the Double Dungeon and decided to test his skills by having him fight his puppets, including the Statue of God.[9] The statue first attempted to kill Jinwoo with its heat vision, but the latter was able to dodge his attack and race towards him using his Quicksilver skill.

Seeing this, the Statue of God attempted to stomp Jinwoo flat and kill him with its heat vision for a second time, but Jinwoo was able to dodge both and counterattack with Mutilation. When this failed to do any significant damage and only left scratches on its face, Jinwoo ditched his daggers and started repeatedly punching the statue in the face with everything he had, critically damaging it and causing the statue to topple over to the ground.[10]

Despite having been severely damaged in its battle with Jinwoo, the Statue of God got back up to its feet after Woo Jinchul and several members of the Hunters Guild, including Choi Jong-In and Cha Hae-In, entered the Double Dungeon to assist Jinwoo in his battle with Kandiaru. It attempted to slaughter them all with its heat vision, but Choi was able to warn his subordinates to move out of the way in time and retaliated by blasting the statue with his flames. However, due to how weak his flames were, they failed to even scratch it.[11]

It is not made clear as to what happened to the Statue of God after Jinwoo killed Kandiaru, but considering that Kandiaru warned him that his puppets would continue to attack them even if he were to die, it is highly likely that Jinwoo destroyed it along with the other statues before leaving the Double Dungeon on his own.[12]


As Kandiaru's strongest puppet, the Statue of God was an immensely powerful individual.

  • Immense Strength: The Statue of God possessed immense physical strength, as displayed by how it was able to create a massive crater in the ground with a single stomp.
  • Immense Durability: The Statue of God possessed immense durability. Its skin was so tough that the Demon King's Daggers only left scratches on its face, forcing Jinwoo to change tactics and fight it with his bare hands, and even then, it was able to withstand an entire volley of punches from him before finally going down.
  • Heat Vision: The Statue of God was able to fire super-heated beams of energy from its eyes. According to Jinwoo, these beams of energy moved faster than the speed of sound and were so powerful that he wouldn't have survived a direct hit from them even though he was already over level 100 at the time.


  • The Statue of God's smile can be briefly seen at the start of Episode 11 of the anime.


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