Statue of God (신상)[1] is the Architect's masterpiece and strongest statue.


Statue of God is a statue of immense height and massive proportion, surpassing the many statues in said dungeon. It wore a tall hat often worn by a pope or a bishop with a circlet around said hat. It also wore a robe worn by a religious figurehead. It has red eyes and a clam face, turning into a massive grin when activated.


The Statue of God first appeared in the Double Dungeon, sitting idle by as the participants figure out a method on how to clear it. Once the first phase was completed, it began to grin and slowly began eradicating the humans one at a time.


  • Immense Physical Prowess: The Statue of God was able to create large craters in the ground just by walking and was so durable that the Demon King's Daggers only left scratches on its skin, forcing Jin-Woo to fight it with his fists. Even then, it was able to take a good number of hits from him before finally going down.
  • Laser Vision: The Statue of God was able to fire extremely deadly torrents of energy from its eyes. According to Jin-Woo at the time, they were potent enough to the point that he wouldn't have survived had he taken a direct hit.



  1. Word play:신상 [神像]; Shin-Sang): "God" Shin + "Statue" Sang
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