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The following is a list of all the Story Arcs of the Solo Leveling Manhwa and Light novel written by Chu-Gong and Illustrated by Jang Sung-Rak.

Story Arcs

0 Prologue Chapter 0 None

The introductory chapter of the series.

1 D-Rank Dungeon Arc Chapter 1-10 Chapter 1-7

Sung Jin-Woo with his group (including - Mr.Kim, Bak, Ju-Hee, Mr. Song) are prepared to enter a D-rank dungeon. Jin-Woo enters the dungeon under Mr. Song Chi-Yul's leadership. The group successfully clears the dungeon monsters but while searching for the dungeon boss to close the gate, they come across the ominous 'Double Dungeon'

2 Reawakening Arc Chapter 11-12 Chapter 8-12

After experiencing a form of 'Reawakening'. Sung Jin-Woo finds himself inside the hospital after being passed out for 3 days straight. Members of the Korean Hunters Association approach him for questioning about the incident inside the D-rank dungeon. Jin-Woo is notified of what had been transpired while Jin-Woo was unconscious. The KHA members leave and Jin-Woo discovers the mysterious game-like system that only he can see.

3 Instant Dungeon Arc Chapter 13-17 Chapter 13-16

Jin-Woo receives an E-Rank Instant Dungeon Key as a reward from the system for completing his daily quests. Jin-Woo uses the key and enters the dungeon alone, and fights with his life on the line, as he begins his journey to ceaslessley level and become the strongest hunter.

4 Dungeon & Lizards Arc Chapter 18-24 Chapter 17-24

After completing the Instant Dungeon, Jin-Woo joins a raid party for a C-Rank Dungeon to gain experience and become more powerful. However, the friendly raid party members he meets are not all that they appear to be.

5 Dungeon & Prisoners Arc Chapter 25-34 Chapter 25-35

Jin-Woo prepares for another low-ranked dungeon and meets with the surviving members of the Double Dungeon. Song Chi-Yul reluctantly volunteers to lead the raiding party and clear the dungeon. However, prisoners, supervised by KHA Member Kang Tae-Shik provide an unexpected threat to the party.

6 Yoo Jin-Ho Raid Party Arc Chapter 35-37 Chapter 36-45

After the events of the Dungeons and Prisoners Arc, Jin-Woo and Jin-Ho form a raid party with the two of them. Jin-Ho hires hunters to fill up the 10 spots required to clear C-Rank Dungeons.  

7 Job Change Arc Chapter 38-45 Chapter 46-55

Jin-Woo receives a notification for the [Job Quest] from the system. He is transported to a dungeon-like place and was confronted by a knight. Jin-Woo explores the dungeon, fighting against powerful knight monsters and a mysterious Red Knight that guards the throne room.

8 Red Gate Arc Chapter 46-55 Chapter 56-64

Hunter Sung Jin-Woo and Han Song-I tag along with White Guild on a B-Rank Dungeon which turns into a Red Gate upon entering. They find themselves in Ice Biome and get attacked by Ice Elves (also called Hyakki). Jin-Woo leads the low-ranked hunters as they attempt to survive in the cruel environment of the Red Gate.

9 Demon Castle Arc Chapter 56-61 Chapter 65-75

After the Red Gate Incident, Jin-Woo reenters the Demon Castle and opens the Dungeon Door. He is greeted by a burning reconstruction of Seoul with several floors, He proceeds to the higher levels to level-up and to complete the quest 'Collecting Demon Souls Part 1'.

10 Retesting Rank Arc Chapter 61-64 Chapter 75-79

Jin-Wo comes back from the Demon Castle with 2/3 ingredients for the cure for Park Kyung-Hye, his mother. Jin-Woo goes to the Korean Hunters Association to receive a rank evaluation.

11 Hunters Guild Gate Arc Chapter 65-75 Chapter 80-92

Jin-Woo is waiting for his hunter license so he decides to inquire about A-Rank dungeons in the area. He joins the Hunters Guild as a miner to experience high-tier raids for himself.

12 Return to Demon Castle Arc Chapter 76-89 Chapter 93-110

Jin-Woo returns to continue climbing the Demon Castle where he meets a peculiar demon noble as he attempts to clear the final floors and gather the items for the "Holy Water of Life" recipe.

13 Jeju Island Arc Chapter 90-107 Chapter 111-127

Japan which has 21 S class hunters and looks down on Korea, offers to help them clear Jeju Island and kill the ant monsters that inhabit it where an S-Rank Gate appeared 4 years prior. However, as the raid progresses with success, a truly monstrous enemy appears to protect its home from the human invaders.

14 Recruitment Arc Chapter 108-111 Chapter 127-135

After the Jeju Island Raid, the US and Japan make move to recruit Jin-Woo to their side.

Jin-Woo meets the mysterious Upgrader known as Norma Selner.

15 Ah-jin Guild Arc Chapter 112-121 Chapter 136-150

Cha Hae-In asks to join Jin-Woo's guild, so he creates a test to see if she is worthy.

Jin Woo representing the Ahjin guild ,chooses to aid Knight's Guild on a high-end raid expedition until something truly unexpected happens at Jin-Ah's school.

16 Double Dungeon Arc Chapter 122-132 Chapter 150-164

Having completed the Demon Castle, Jin-Woo received a key to the Cartenon Temple. The System sets a timer expiring in 2 weeks counting down the time until the dungeon appeared.

17 Japan Crisis Arc Chapter 133- Chapter 165-182

As Jin-Woo is finishing dungeons news passes over Russian S Hunter, Yuri Orloff has been killed and 1 million people in Japan have died when the attempts to block off the S-Rank gate in Tokyo fails.

18 International Guild Conference Arc TBA Chapter 183-199

Jin-Woo goes with his friend Yoo Jin-Ho as Korean representatives under their Ahjin Guild to attend the world-renown International Guild Conference held in the United States.

19 Monarchs War Arc TBA Chapter 200-224

The Monarchs begin killing the vessels of Rulers to weaken the power of the Rulers. National Level Hunter, Christopher Reed is killed and the Monarchs target and then kill the president of the Korean Hunter Association, Go Gun-Hee who was also a powerful vessel of the Rulers.

20 Final Battle Arc TBA Chapter 225-243

By time Jin-Woo receives the entirety of the Shadow Monarch's powers, the remaining Monarchs prepare to battle against the successor of Ashborn. Jin-Woo meets with his family and goes on a date with Cha Hae-In. Meanwhile, Yoo Jin-Ho's dad realizes it was Jin-Woo who saved him after his daughter spotted Jin-Woo in the lift that day he was cured. As the Monarchs are slain by Jin-Woo's hand, the most powerful monarch, Antares, prepares to face Jin-Woo in the final battle.

21 Epilogue TBA Chapter 244-270

Jin-Woo fights the monarchs for 27 years in a separate dimension while only 2 years pass on Earth. As a result of Jin-Woo intervening before gates arrived on Earth, Mana and Hunters do not exist in the new timeline. Jin-Woo ultimately kills all the monarchs, saving the Earth and ending the war between the Rulers and Monarchs. Jin-Woo lives happily in a world where no one is aware of his noble sacrifice, hiding his identity as the most powerful being, the Shadow Monarch.

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