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They only gave me an opportunity to make a choice. I chose to protect you, that is all. And that choice was not wrong.

—Il-Hwan to Jin-Woo, Novel: Chapter 224

Sung Il-Hwan (성일환(成日煥)) is the father of Sung Jin-Woo and Sung Jin-Ah who disappeared inside an unknown gate prior to the events of the main story. His first appearance was inside an A-Rank Gate in the USA.


Il-Hwan was first seen as a man with untrimmed long, spiky black hair and overly grown bangs that almost covers his eyes and face all over. His clothes were torn like rags and he was barefooted inside the A-Rank dungeon where he first appeared.

As he was treated like a Human-Type Magic Beast, the Federal Bureau of Hunters gave him orange clothes akin to those worn by prisoners and he was also handcuffed while inside the interrogation room. During the Monarchs War Arc, when he uses the power of the Rulers, he appears wearing a robe and is burning in golden flames.


In the webtoon, Il-Hwan is shown to be easy-going, as he tries to calm the scared American Hunters. In the novel, Il-Hwan is said to be a worry-wart who constantly worries over his children, especially Jin-Woo. He was displayed to be a kind individual who deeply cared for his family and would risk his life to protect his children and those dear to him.


In the series, Il-Hwan's skills were rarely put on display, but he is estimated to be between S-Rank and National Level Hunters level. This can be deduced by how he was able to defeat Hwang Dong-Su single-handedly, without any injuries and minimal property damage. it was also stated that the magic power radiating from him was equal to an A-rank Gate.

  • Sense - His heightened ability enabled him to easily detect the murderous intent emanating from Dong-Su's gaze.
  • Stealth - He was able to follow Jin-Woo and observe him without his son nor his Shadows finding out. It was also hinted how he was able to sneak into his wife's hospital room without Jin-Woo knowing.


  • ❝Never set foot in Korea ever again. It's not for my son, but for you. Even after your death, you won't be able to close your eyes.❞ — Il-Hwan to Hwang Dong-Su[2]
  • ❝They only gave me an opportunity to make a choice. I choose to protect you, that is all. And that choice was not wrong.❞ — Il-Hwan to his son


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  • He disappeared in the theme park where a huge gate opened up. Il-Hwan prioritized his colleagues and ended up stranded in the Chaos World.[3]
  • He used a shortsword, a reason why Jin-Woo also uses a shortsword.[4]



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