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I'm going to protect my family, even if it means turning all the hunters in the world against me.

—Sung Jinwoo to Liu Zhigang, Chapter 148 (Webtoon)

Sung Jinwoo (성진우) is the main protagonist of Solo Leveling. Originally an infamously weak E-Rank Hunter, he got the chance of a lifetime when he was selected as the Player of the System, giving him the ability to grow stronger without limit. As a result, by taking advantage of the opportunities offered to him by the System, Jinwoo eventually rose to power as the new Shadow Monarch and the strongest hunter in the world.


Jinwoo is a muscular and handsome young man with gray eyes, sharp facial features, and neat black hair. He is almost always seen wearing dark colors, particularly black. When using his abilities, his eyes glow bright purple.

Back when he was weak, Jinwoo was short, plain-looking, and scrawny. His hair was also much longer, completely covering his ears, and his face was very boyish, making him look even younger than his sister Jinah.


Jinwoo is a confident individual with a strong sense of family and a thirst for strength. As a result, he is very close to Jinah, Jinho, and his mother, and rarely wastes an opportunity to grow stronger, as demonstrated when he was happy to shut down the Tokyo S-Rank Gate just for the XP.

It should also be noted that despite being the strongest hunter in the world, Jinwoo is not particularly arrogant and is both polite and easygoing in-person. He is also mostly indifferent to materialistic desires such as fame and fortune and cares about human life, as displayed when he teleported to Jeju Island without a second thought to save the Korean raid team from certain death. In battle, however, he is ruthless, slaughtering his enemies indiscriminately, and even somewhat disdainful, as demonstrated when he taunted the Ant King for being an insect and mocked the Architect for his flawed design of the System.

In contrast, back when he was weak, Jinwoo was very timid and insecure due to his incompetence as a hunter and his troubled family situation. Although he cared so much about his family that he spent years risking his life going on raids for their sake, he was ashamed of his circumstances, as displayed when he lied to Joohee about why he had picked up hunting as his job.


As the vessel of the Shadow Monarch, Jinwoo is easily the strongest hunter in the world. As a testament to his power, he was able to slice up the Architect as if his body was made of tofu, beat Thomas Andre to the brink of death with his bare hands, and inflict near-fatal injuries on Antares in their fight.

  • Longevity: Jinwoo is immune to all diseases, poisonous substances, and any abnormalities to his status. This buff also grants him a regenerative healing factor, which accelerates exponentially when he sleeps. However, as the System detects alcohol as a poison, Jinwoo can't get drunk.
  • Immunity: If Jinwoo is affected by a debuff, this buff automatically removes it from his status, as displayed when it prevented him from being stunned by Baran's lightning breath attack.
  • Detoxification: If Jinwoo is poisoned, this buff automatically purges the said poison from his body, as displayed when it was able to almost instantly cleanse him of the Ant King's paralysis poison.
  • Tenacity: If Jinwoo's health falls below 30%, this buff reduces all further damage taken by 50% in an attempt to keep him alive.
  • Stealth: Jinwoo is able to camouflage with his surroundings and hide all traces of presence, essentially turning himself both physically and magically invisible.
  • Bloodlust: Jinwoo is able to magically intimidate a target into submission.
  • Quicksilver: Jinwoo is able to increase his speed by 30% for a short burst.
  • Mutilation: Jinwoo rips a target to shreds with his daggers. Due to his immense attack power, most targets are severely wounded on the first strike.
  • Dagger Rush: Jinwoo barrages a target with his daggers from all directions.
  • Ruler's Authority: Jinwoo is able to move and control objects via telekinesis.
  • Dragon's Fear: Jinwoo is able to release a mana-infused shout from his soul that drives anyone weaker than him into a state of despair and panic.
  • Shadow Extraction: Jinwoo is able to extract an individual's shadow from their corpse to add to his army.
  • Shadow Preservation: Jinwoo is able to preserve his shadows in storage and monitor them by perceiving their senses.
  • Shadow Exchange: Jinwoo is able to instantly swap places with one of his shadows regardless of range.
  • Monarch's Domain: Jinwoo is able to buff the strength of all of his active shadows by 50% in battle.


  1. Solo Leveling Novel: Chapter 177 - A disdainful nickname given by Christopher Reed.

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