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Tatsumi Fujishima (후지시마 타츠미) was a Japanese S-Rank Hunter and a member of the Draw Sword Guild.


Tatsumi was a young man with short and messy orange hair, glasses, dark eyebrows, and freckles under both eyes. [1] During the Jeju Island Raid, he wore his guild's standard black battle uniform.


Tatsumi appeared to be a laidback individual with confidence in his own power and the strength of his guildmates. He also cared for their lives and well-being, as displayed when he immediately attempted to avenge Akari and Kenzo after the Ant King slaughtered them in seconds.


Four days before the 4th Jeju Island Raid was slated to take place, Tatsumi met up with the rest of the Jeju Island Raid Party at the Korean Hunters Gym. He did not participate in any of the sparring bouts, although he was caught off-guard when Cha Hae-In unintentionally barraged Atsushi Kumamoto with her punches.[2]

During the 4th Jeju Island Raid, Tatsumi was grouped with Akari and Kenzo in Team Charlie and witnessed as Akari was suddenly beheaded by the Ant King. After Kenzo was decapitated while trying to throw a punch, Tatsumi attempted to attack the Ant King with his sword to no avail, as the monster beheaded him too before he could even swing it.[3]