The Preparation To Become Powerful is one of the quest Sung Jin-Woo must complete as not meeting its requirements would lead to him being teleported into the Penalty Zone.

The Hidden Quest can be done just once and gave better Rewards like 3 Stat Points in every Stat and the choice between 2 Boxes. For getting the Hidden Quest, the Daily Goals need to be doubled.


Daily Quest: The Preparation To Become Powerful

Do 100 Push-ups:

(Incomplete) (0/100)

Do 100 Sit-ups:

(Incomplete) (0/100)

Do 100 Squats:

(Incomplete) (0/100)

Run 10 kilometers:

(Incomplete) (0/10)

Warning: Failing to complete the Daily Quest will result in a Penalty Quest.


  • The directions resemble the training that Saitama stated he did everyday for a full year to get strong in One Punch Man.
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