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Thomas Andre (트마스 아드레) is one of only 5 National Level Hunters that exist and is considered to be the strongest Tank on Earth. He is also the Guild Master of the Scavenger Guild.


Thomas Andre is a man who had a high, sculpted nose and a full head of blonde hair. Even when indoors, he always wears sunglasses and has a toothy smile.[1]

He has an overgrown goatee and sideburns. He is observed to be extremely tall and muscular by Go Gun-Hee who states that he looks like a child in front of Andre. In his first appearance, he wears a blue Hawaiian t-shirt and wears grey shorts and sandals. He has large black tattoos of an unknown symbol on both forearms.


Thomas Andre looks out for his Guild's sake and has a strong sense of camaraderie, albeit strict. He warned Hwang Dong-Su not to mess with Jin-Woo prior to Jin-Woo arriving in America and tried to help him when Jin-Woo almost killed Hwang Dong-Su. Thomas is a very powerful Hunter who believes that physical power is the true driving force and authority of the world, and has used his physical power to climb up in the world.


Return to Demon Castle Arc

Thomas Andre first appeared in South Korea to meet with Korean Hunter Association President Go Gun-Hee in regards to Hwang Dong-Su, who was a member of the Scavenger Guild.

Thomas states that Gun-Hee is quite fluent in English complimenting him and moves to the matter of Jin-Woo being elusive and not in contact with the Korean Hunter Association. Unaware to them, Jin-Woo was inside the Demon Castle at that time. As Woo Jin-Chul explains that Jin-Woo does not contact them, Thomas asks "How can I trust you" to which Jin-Chul replies that the Hunter Association is not foolish enough to lie to a National Level Hunter.

Thomas forms a grin and speaks of Dong-Su stating that Go Gun-Hee had already dealt with the situation by denying Dong-Su entry into the country. He says that their talk will be short thanks to that and shakes Gun-Hee's hand.

He mentions the Jeju Island issue and asks if he made them look forward to his arrival. He expands on this by saying that he would like to help with the raid but is quite a busy individual. He then adds that he would gladly participate if South Korea had the capital to hire him. He leaves saying that he has a plane to catch.

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International Guild Conference Arc

After Thomas found out that Dong-Su kidnapped Jin-Ho, an affiliate of Jin-Woo, he immediately ordered his Guild members to find him. Not so much for the sake of Jin-Ho, but more for Dong-Su's, as Thomas needed Dong-Su alive for the Guild. Thomas acknowledged and knew of Jin-Woo's power while Dong-Su did not, making it a dangerous situation for an unsuspecting Dong-Su.

When Laura informed Thomas of Dong-Su's location, he ordered all 100 members of his Guild to immediately go to that location, himself included.

Upon arriving and finding Dong-Su being manhandled by Jin-Woo, Thomas asks Jin-Woo for a favor to let his valuable Guild member go, and all would be forgotten. After a brief conversation between Jin-Woo and Thomas Andre, Thomas became enraged and a terrifying battle ensued, one that scared all nearby Hunters, even if they were S-Rank.

After being bested, Thomas Andre admits defeat, and Jin-Woo ceases his attacks.

Later, after waking up in the hospital, Thomas came to realize that his defeat to Jin-Woo didn't make him sad. Instead, he was in awe after thinking about how long it has been since he was in a hospital. His attitude towards Jin-Woo changed after he realized his and his Guild Member's lives were spared. However, Dong-Su was killed either during or after that epic battle and then was turned into a Shadow, Greed.

Later in the story, Thomas personally gifts the Kamish's Wrath to Jin-Woo, knowing that he was the best possible person to use them, and also as a gift for sparing his and his Guild member's lives. The Blades of Kamish were crafted by the world's best blacksmith before he died, using a fang fragment of Kamish to make them.

Monarch War Arc

Thomas lands in South Korea to meet with Jin-Woo. He enters the Ah-Jin guild office but does not see Jin-Woo anywhere except for Jin-Ho who is standing at the front desk. Thomas sits down quietly as he patiently waits for Jin-Woo to return. Once he is able to meet Jin-Woo, he gifts him the Kamish's Wrath as a token of appreciation for sparing his guild members. Jin-Woo gladly accepts the immense power daggers that resonate with his magical energy.

Thomas personally gifts the Kamish's Wrath to Jin-Woo, knowing that he was the best possible person to use them, and also as a gift for sparing his and his Guild member's lives. The Blades of Kamish were crafted by the world's best blacksmith before he died, using a fang fragment of Kamish to make them. Later when a hulking figure is wreaking havoc outside of a hunter retesting facility, killing countless high-ranked hunters, Thomas Andre appears to tackle the enemy. The crows gawk at Thomas's appearance and the two begin to duel it out. Thomas is initially winning but is swiftly defeated as the mysterious figure is revealed to be the Beast Monarch. The monarch comments on how Thomas is drawing a great amount of the rulers' power and commends him, however, he easily beats down Thomas and crowds watch as Thomas Andre, the strongest tank on Earth flails his arms as he attempts to defend the civilians from the Beast Monarch. Thomas is continuously injured but continues to fight until Lennart Niermann appears to help him. Thomas urges him to run away as he stands no fighting chance but Lennart declines stating that it is fine if he dies in such a manner. The Beast Monarch approaches the two hunters until Jin-Woo rushes in and draws the Beast Monarch's attention. Two other monarchs arrive, the Ice Monarch and Insect Monarch which declare Jin-Woo as their enemy. Thomas and Lennart simply watch in disbelief as Jin-Woo fights against the three Monarchs. Near the conclusion of the fight, Lennart helps drag Thomas Andre away as they evacuate from the area.

Final Battle Arc

Jin-Woo comes to the scene and prepares to battle with Antares. The Monarch of Iron Body comes alongside Antares to kill Jin-Woo. Jin-Woo sends his army alongside Thomas Andre to confront the Monarch of Irony Body. The soldiers hide inside Thomas's shadow as he confronts the Monarch of Iron Body. Meanwhile, Jin-Woo is alone and chips away at Antares's army, killing his dragons and resurrecting them to strengthen his forces. Antares notices his army's strength is decreasing and begins to search for Jin-Woo.

Thomas walks towards the Monarch of Iron Body. The Monarch stares back overconfidently believing Thomas to be no match even with the strength of the rulers. However, the Monarch notices that it cannot contact Antares or any allies nearby. All of Jin-Woo's most powerful shadow soldiers including Belion, Beru, Igris, Tusk, and Iron come and confront him. The Monarch panics as he realized he has fallen for a trap. The armies of each side duel it out but ultimately, Thomas and the Shadow Soldiers are victorious in defeating the Monarch of Iron Body and his army.


After the time-reversal with the use of the Cup of Reincarnation by Jin-Woo, Thomas Andre is introduced as a young man accompanying Norma Selner. With no existence of Gates and Hunters as a result of Jin-Woo, Thomas Andre has become an American UFC Heavyweight Champion retaining his original personality and appearance as a confident and powerful individual.


  • Reinforcement - An ability that allows Thomas' defense and power to increase significantly, while also significantly lowering his movement speed. This skill allowed him to completely block the Demon King's Shortswords with no problem. It should be noted that the Demon King's Shortswords belonged to Baran, the Monarch of White Flames.
  • Demolition - A powerful AOE (Area of Effect) attack that, as its name suggests, demolishes nearby surroundings and anyone who would be unfortunate enough to be caught in its blast radius.
  • Capture - An ability that lets Thomas control and move objects with his mind. This ability is similar to other National Level Hunters, often referred to by other people as 'psychokinesis'.It is an ability only possessed by those who are the human vessels of the Rulers.
  • Power Smash - A powerful single hand attack with a magically infused arm.


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