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Thomas Andre (트마스 아드레) is the strongest hunter in America and one of the five National Level Hunters, ranking 1st in the world.[1]


Thomas is a huge, muscular man with long blonde hair, red eyes, a toothy smile, an overgrown blonde goatee, and black tattoos. When using his powers or agitated, his eyes glow bright yellow and golden vein-like patterns appear across his body. He is almost always dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, beach shorts, and sandals.


Thomas is a proud and aggressive individual with a strong sense of camaraderie. As a result, he still gave Hwang Dongsoo a proper funeral even though the man was a heartless murderer and even fought Jinwoo to the death in order to save his life. Thomas also has little tolerance for insubordination and disrespect, as displayed when he threatened Dongsoo for attempting to argue with him and became angry when Jinwoo refused to spare Dongsoo for torturing Jinho.

However, despite his pride, Thomas is very gracious in defeat, as he showed no ill will towards Jinwoo after the latter nearly killed him during their battle in the States. He also hates owning people favors and will go out of his way to make sure that they're even, as displayed when he traveled to Korea just to treat Jinwoo to a meal and give him Kamish's Wrath as repayment for sparing the lives of his guildmates.


Thomas was the son of a poor European immigrant family and spent his childhood surrounded by enemies. In order to survive in such a harsh environment, he became a brawler and proved his natural talent for domination repeatedly through an endless series of fights with those stupid enough to oppose him. Years later, when humanity learned about the existence of magic beasts, Thomas seized the opportunity to become a true king and eventually rose up to become one of the strongest hunters in the world.[2]

During his battle with Kamish, Thomas was able to get his hands on the dragon's sharpest fang after it bit him with it. Following Kamish's death, he was allowed to keep the fang as a souvenir and eventually sought to make a weapon out of it. As the fang was too short to make a longsword, it was crafted into a pair of daggers instead. However, as Thomas wasn't an assassin-type hunter, he chose not to use the daggers and as a result, they spent the next eight years collecting dust in the basement of the Scavenger Guild's skyscraper.

Jeju Island Arc

When Hwang caused a scene in Korea in his attempt to hunt down and kill Jinwoo, Thomas flew over to the country about a month later to meet with Go Gunhee and make sure that Hwang wasn't given a second opportunity to make the same mistake. However, after learning that Gunhee had already denied Hwang entry into the country, Thomas decided to head back home and made it clear that he would not participate in the Jeju Island Raid unless he was paid his fee.[3]

Japan Crisis Arc

When a S-Rank Gate spawned in Maryland about a month later, Thomas overheard a trio of S-Ranks taking bets on when Jinwoo would die trying to clear the new S-Rank Gate in Tokyo. When one bet his yacht and another bet his house, Thomas barged into their conversation and bet his guild's skyscraper that Jinwoo would prove them all wrong, clear the gate without incident, and survive in one piece.[4]

After the Maryland S-Rank Gate was cleared without incident, Thomas learned that he had won his bet and gleefully confronted the same trio at the party held by the American government for losing their bet, rubbing it in their faces that they were stupid to underestimate Jinwoo as much as they did. Things got complicated, however, when he later learned from Laura that Jinwoo was coming to America to represent Korea at the International Guild Conference, which was a problem for them as Hwang was still bent on getting his revenge on Jinwoo for murdering his brother.[5]

International Guild Conference Arc

Two days before the conference was set to take place, Thomas summoned Hwang to his office and ordered him not to mess with Jinwoo under any circumstances. Unfortunately, Hwang did not listen and targeted Jinho, Jinwoo's right-hand man, to get his revenge instead. By the time Thomas later tracked down Hwang to an abandoned factory, Jinwoo had already beaten him there and reduced Hwang to a bloody pulp.

Not wanting to lose Hwang over something as petty as revenge, Thomas requested Jinwoo to let him go, promising that he would pretend that this whole thing never happened if he did. When Jinwoo refused, Thomas angrily attacked him and the two of them got into a brutal fight when Jinwoo stubbornly refused to back down. When Jinwoo proved to be strong enough to make him bleed, Thomas decided to stop holding back and went all out, even using Reinforcement to get his best shot at victory. Unfortunately, it still wasn't good enough, as Jinwoo easily beat him to the brink of the death with his bare hands.[6]

After spending a day recovering in the hospital, Thomas met Jinwoo at the conference hall and asked the latter why he didn't kill him and his guild members. When Jinwoo responded by saying that they hadn't done anything to him that deserved death like Hwang had, Thomas accepted his reasoning and asked Jinwoo to give him his contact info so that they could get a bite to eat together sometime.[7]

Monarchs War Arc

After his arm fully healed, Thomas retrieved Kamish's Wrath from his guild's skyscraper and traveled to Korea in order to give them to Jinwoo as repayment for sparing the lives of his guild members. Unfortunately, when he arrived at the Ahjin Guild's office, Jinwoo was out raiding, forcing Thomas to wait over two hours before Jinwoo finally showed up.

The two then went out to eat and just when they were finishing up their meal, Thomas revealed Kamish's Wrath to Jinwoo, who was amazed by their staggering attack power and gladly accepted the daggers as a gift. Before they could head back to the office, however, the two of them suddenly detected a massive amount of mana nearby and walked outside to see a gigantic gate spawning in the sky, with Thomas noting that it was far larger than the one that Kamish had crawled out of. As there were no new gates back home in America, Thomas decided to stay in Korea and help clear the gate free of charge.[8]

Several days later, when the Beast Monarch appeared out of the blue and started rampaging across the city, Thomas showed up to fight and unleashed his powers in an attempt to kill the creature himself. Although he was able to fight evenly with the Beast Monarch for a considerable amount of time, Thomas was unfortunately beaten when the Beast Monarch stopped holding back and activated his Spiritual Body Manifestation. Before the Beast Monarch could kill him, however, Thomas was saved by Lennart Niermann, who was able to disorient the Beast Monarch with a single hit to the face.[9] Soon afterwards, Jinwoo showed up to fight, giving Thomas enough time to leave the scene and get his injuries healed.

Final Battle Arc

After Antares, the strongest Monarch, invaded the human world and had his armies cut a wide path of destruction across Canada, Thomas arrived on the battlefield to fight his forces and was almost immediately confronted by the Iron Body Monarch, who sneered at him for nearly dying to the Beast Monarch before and mocked him for being stupid enough to get himself killed all over again.[10] In response, Thomas summoned the shadow soldiers who had been hiding behind him, which included Bellion and Beru, and the three of them easily dispatched the Iron Body Monarch in the ensuing battle, even with the latter's Spiritual Body Manifestation activated.[11]


After the Rulers used the Cup of Reincarnation one last time per Jinwoo's request, Thomas lost all his memories of the original timeline and was converted into a wrestling champion.


As the vessel of a Ruler and a National Level Hunter, Thomas is one of the strongest hunters in the world and his immense power earns him both great fear and respect from his fellow S-Ranks and the American government.

  • Immense Strength: Thomas possesses immense physical strength. As a testament to this, he was able to send Jinwoo flying with one punch, bring down buildings just from the wind pressure generated from his attacks, and fight evenly against the Beast Monarch.
  • Immense Speed: Thomas possesses immense speed. He was able to keep up with Jinwoo in their battle and eject himself out of his armor with such speed that the Beast Monarch didn't notice that he was gone until it was almost too late.
  • Immense Durability: Thomas possesses immense durability and is able to withstand a ridiculous amount of punishment, even from opponents far stronger than himself, without slowing down in combat. He was able to continue fighting against Jinwoo even after the latter broke his arm and threw him through several buildings, and was completely unharmed when the Beast Monarch tried to slash him with his claws.
  • Reinforcement: Thomas dramatically buffs both his defense and attack power, covering him from head to toe in golden armor with black horns and giving his hair a glowing flame-like quality. The defense that Thomas gets from this move is so great that Jinwoo bruised his hands from punching him so many times in their fight.[12]
  • Capture: Thomas telekinetically pulls in objects towards himself. According to Jinwoo, with Reinforcement activated this attack is almost like a black hole in potency and he would would have been sucked in had he not been able to use Ruler's Authority himself. As a further testament to the sheer might of this attack, it was able to pull Kamish out of the sky.
  • Collapse: Thomas smashes his fists into the ground, creating a massive shockwave that demolishes anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in its blast radius.
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation
  • Power Smash: Thomas infuses his mana into a single arm and throws an extremely powerful punch.