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Tusk[2] (어금니) is one of the Shadows that Sung Jin-Woo obtained in an A-Rank Dungeon. Before he was turned into a Shadow, he was a High Orc Shaman known as Kargalgan, the former boss of the Hunters Guild Dungeon and he led a group of High Orcs.[3]

Even as a Shadow, Tusk kept his powerful abilities and spells, making him just as capable and even stronger than when he was alive.


As Tusk was already a high Grade when he became a Shadow, he was already able to show more complex emotions. Throughout Tusk's journey with Jin-Woo, he has shown feelings of guilt, fear, loyalty, embarrassment, and shyness.

Tusk can feel embarrassed like when he was diligently dragging the boss-level Naga’s corpse outside the Gate, but when he felt quite a lot of stares landing on his back, he slowly turned around to look.

And he found that not just the reporters, but the police, Association employees, and even the passersby on the street stopped in their treks to look up at him.

He was now suddenly overcome with embarrassment and sheepishly scratched the back of his head. [4]


Tusk was a powerful High Orc Shadow, none of the A-Ranked hunters of Hunters Guild able to withstand his magic, meaning that Tusk was at the level of S-Rank when he was alive. After he was extracted by Jin-Woo, his grade was Elite Knight, the S-Rank version of the System.

Being a shadow soldier when the System still exists, Tusk can grow stronger by leveling up. By leveling up, his magic was also able to become stronger.

For the first time, he was ordered to come out from Jin-Woo's shadow to kill some demons using his magic, Jin-Woo said that his abilities were supposed to be nerfed after becoming a shadow, but it was seen to be as strong as when he was alive or possibly stronger.

After Jin-Woo got the Full Power of Ashborn, his shadows also became far stronger than when the System still existed. This also resulting in Tusk to get back his ability to talk again. Tusk became far stronger to the point that he got promoted to Commander grade, the shadow grade that shown to be able to kill many S-Ranks easily when the shadow was still alive.

  • Gravity Magic: He is able to telekinetically levitate an object or a being. Truly Powerful magic that even Son Ki-Hoon, an A-Rank Hunter, probably would have died (if Jin-Woo didn't save him) by this magic as he couldn't do anything when Kargalgan (Tusk) ruthlessly throwing him up and down using this magic. In the previous chapter of the Manhwa, when Tusk used this Magic to Esil Radiru, it even seems that Tusk able to do the same thing to her what he did to Son Ki-Hoon, as he used this magic while Jin-Woo interrogates her, this means that Tusk was confident enough to think that this magic was enough to stop Esil, who are at the level of S-Rank. The limitation of this magic possibly that he can't levitate a really big object/being, or a really big object/being may cost him more mana.
  • Telepathy Negation Magic: Tusk can block a telepathic communication using this magic. It was strong enough to block a monarch's telepathy, but it was possibly due to the effect of Orb of Avarice. It was first seen to be used by Tusk during the war against the Monarchs. When The Monarch of The Iron Body and his army got ambushed by over 130.000 shadow soldiers, who hiding in Thomas Andre's shadow. The Monarch was going to tell The Monarch of Destruction (Antares) about this ambush using his telepathic ability, possibly requesting for a reinforcement. Unfortunately, his telepathy was blocked by Tusk's magic, this ambush resulting in The Monarch's death.
  • Communication: After Jin-Woo gets the full power of Ashborn, and after the System's removal, all of his shadow soldiers became far stronger than when the system was still exist. The shadows, becoming far stronger, also resulted in the shadows whose ability to talk when they are alive got 'locked' due to their rank being lower than Commander, got back their ability to talk again.
  • Regeneration: As long as Jin-Woo has sufficient mana, the shadows able to regenerate their damaged/destroyed parts very quickly.
  • 12 Zodiac Hymns:
    • Hymn of Protection: Tusk is able to conjure a magic shield that blocks many strong attacks in contact with it. This spell is strong enough to withstand magic attacks from Jin-Woo’s Shadow Mages and attacks from the demons in the Instant Hell Dungeon.
    • Hymn of the Fire Dragon: Tusk is able conjure a dragon's head for long range attacks.
    • Hymn of Blazing Fire: Tusk uses this for area of effect attacks.
    • Hymn of Agony: Tusk is able to cause direct damage to a target.
    • Hymn of Frenzy: Tusk is able to increase all damage a target receives.
    • Hymn of Blindness: Tusk is able to blind a target.
    • Hymn of Slumber: Tusk is able to increase the effects of all de-buffs a target receives.
    • Hymn of Lethargy: Tusk is able to cause petrafication to a target.
    • Hymn of Rage: Tusk is able to lessen or prevent all de-buffs a target receives.
    • Hymn of Strengthening: Tusk is able increase a targets defensive and attack strength.
    • Hymn of Giants: Tusk is able to increase a targets size and physical strength.
    • Hymn of Combustion: Tusk is able to increase the strength of a targets fire magic.


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