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Tusk (어금니) is the shadow of Kargalgan.


Tusk is a large orc with glowing red skin and glowing blue eyes. He wears a long black hooded cloak and a necklace of skulls.


Tusk is obedient, quiet, and shy, as displayed when he sheepishly scratched the back of his head upon encountering a group of awed reporters during the Ahjin Guild's first dungeon raid. However he can also be competitive and a bit of a show-off, as displayed during his contest with the three dragons in Ashborn's shadow army.


As an Elite Knight Grade shadow, Tusk is on the level of a S-Rank Hunter. As a testament to this, he was able to slaughter hundreds of demons with a single fire spell and kill a giant in one hit.

  • Gravitation Magic: Tusk is able to levitate a target. He can also use this spell offensively by throwing a target around and smashing into the ground repeatedly until their bodies break from the repeated strain.
  • Regeneration
  • Hymn of Protection: Tusk conjures a shield around himself or around a target.
  • Hymn of the Fire Dragon: Tusk shoots a massive beam of fire from his mouth. With the Orb of Avarice, this skill is so enhanced in strength that it was able to completely negate Baran's breath attack and blast a giant hole right through Hallasan.
  • Hymn of the Blazing Fire: Tusk shoots off a wave of fireballs.
  • Hymn of Agony: Tusk curses a target with intense pain.
  • Hymn of Frenzy: Tusk weakens a target's defense, increasing the amount of damage they take from attacks.
  • Hymn of Blindness: Tusk blinds a target.
  • Hymn of Slumber: Tusk drains a target of their stamina.
  • Hymn of Lethargy: Tusk petrifies a target in place.
  • Hymn of Rage
  • Hymn of Strengthening: Tusk buffs himself or a target in strength.
  • Hymn of Giants: Tusk drastically grows in size using mana.
  • Hymn of Combustion