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Vulcan was the second boss of the Demon Castle and the Ruler of the Lower Floors.


Vulcan was a morbidly obese demon about the size of a small building, with red skin, three glowing red eyes, sharp teeth with large lower fangs, and four horns, two of which were gray and two others were white. He wore only a small white loincloth and wielded a large brown club.


As an S-rank magic beast, Vulcan was a considerably powerful individual.

  • Master Clubman: Vulcan was proficient at wielding his club in battle.
  • Enhanced Strength: Vulcan possessed great physical strength, as evidenced by how he was able to keep Jinwoo down with his blows.
  • Enhanced Speed: Despite his tubby build, Vulcan moved at great speeds, as evidenced by how Jinwoo was unable to react in time to dodge his strikes.
  • Enhanced Durability: Vulcan possessed a great deal of durability, as evidenced by how he was virtually unharmed after Jinwoo punched him in the face and sent him flying through several buildings.
  • Rage: Vulcan was able to increase his pain threshold and buff his stats by 50%.