White Tiger Guild (백호 길드, Baekho Gildu) is one of the Top-5 South Korean Guilds. The guild's area is in Seoul Metropolitan which is also the grounds for Hunters Guild and Fiend Guild.


Originally, the number one Guild of Korea was "Grim Reaper", but some members of Grim Reaper ceded from the Guild and formed their own, "Baekho", resulting in Hunters taking the number one spot. And like the student surpassing the master, Baekho had already surpassed Grim Reaper as a Guild. Now, they were gunning for the number one spot.[1]


As White Tiger Guild is one of the top 5 hunters guild, their employees were said to be top notch too. Chief An Sang-Min was the head of the Second Management Division, which was the team in charge of recruiting new Hunters and training them. The First Management Division Chief Joo Sung-Chan was in charge of managing the official member Hunters of the Guild.[2]

Notable Members

White Tiger Guild
Guild Master Baek Yoon-Ho S-Rank Fighter Alive
Raid Leader Kim Chul A-Rank Fighter / Tank Deceased
Guild Hunter Park Hee-Jin B-Rank FighterN/MageW Alive
Guild Hunter Yoon Gi-Joong C-Rank MageN/TankW Alive
Guild Hunter Go Myung-Hwan C-Rank MageN/Martial ArtistW Alive
1st Mgmt. Division Chief Joo Sung-Chan None None Alive
2nd Mgmt. Division Chief An Sang-Min None None Alive
2nd Mgmt. Division Deputy Hyun Gee-Chul None None Alive


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