White Tiger Guild's Red Gate Incident is one of the rare instances when a dungeon isn't measured correctly. The White Tiger Guild suffered a huge loss of new hunters after the dungeon raid.


Sung Jin-Woo took Han Song-I to expose her to the reality of hunting and teach her the ways not to die. With the help of An Sang-Min, Jin-Woo with Han Song-I joined the new recruits raid team of the White Tiger Guild. The gate they entered was measured as C-Ranked. However, things went wrong as it suddenly became a Red Gate. Red gate is an special or rare occurrence since it doesn't often appear and it only appears in B-Ranked Gates and above, meaning that the gate entered by White Tiger Guild's new recruits was originally a B-Ranked or higher. Kim Chul together with 6 B-Ranked Hunters and 2 C-Ranked Hunters died inside the dungeon and only the party led by Jin-Woo survived.


  • Kim Chul decided to divide the party into two since for him managing a large number of hunters is difficult and only picked the B-Ranked Hunters, but Park Hee-Jin decided to switch spot.
  • Raid composition was 1 A-Ranked, 7 B-Ranked, 4 C-Ranked probably all new recruits and 2 E-Ranked. Jin-Woo's rank here was probably closed to S-Rank, but they categorized him as an E-Ranked hunter
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