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Monarch of Transfiguration, Yogumunt (환계의 군주 망령들의 왕 요그문트(hwangyeui gunju manglyeongdeul-ui wang yogeumunteu)) is one of the Monarchs who invaded earth, an archenemy of the Rulers.


Yogumunt in his humanoid appearance has light gray hair and is shrouded in a black and grey cloak. Purple and black cloth with an arrow pattern hangs below his chest, which has a blood-red color. Two symmetrical metallic objects are attached to his shoulders and a bone-like mask covers his face. This mask extends to his chest where it appears as a pair of pincers.


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Yogumunt was one of the 8 Monarchs that waged war against the Rulers and was a creation of the Absolute Being.

He was killed by Jin-Woo's shadow army during the Final Battle Arc


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