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Yogumunt (요그문트) was the King of Demonic Spectres and the Monarch of Transfiguration.


Yogumunt was an old man with gray hair, light red eyes, and a blood-red blob symbol on his torso. He wore a tattered, blackish-purple hooded cloak, a pale yellow bone-like mask over his mouth, and two metallic horn-like objects extending from his upper back.


Like the other Monarchs, Yogumunt cared little for humans, as he saw them like insects in comparison to himself, and craved their destruction. Despite his ego, however, he was perceptive enough to realize that he stood no chance against the Shadow Monarch without Antares' support.


Recruitment Arc

Yogumunt first appeared to inform the Frost Monarch that the Rulers would be setting Legia free in Japan within the next few months. The two Monarchs were then confronted by Il-Hwan, who attempted to kill them to no avail.

Monarchs War Arc

Following his encounter with Jin-Woo, the Frost Monarch met up with four of the surviving Monarchs, including Yogumunt, to inform them that the Shadow Monarch had rejoined the Rulers and asked for their help in killing him while he was still weak and human. Yogumunt refused, as he did not want to risk suffering Baran's fate.


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