Yoo Jin-Ho Raid Party Arc

Title Yoo Jin-Ho Raid Party Arc
Novel Chapters Chapter 37-45
Webtoon Chapters Chapter 35-37
Chronological Order
Dungeon & Prisoners Arc
Job Change Arc

Yoo Jin-Ho Raid Party Arc is the 7th Arc of the series.

Webtoon Summary

Jin-Woo arrived at the C-rank dungeon where he met additional teammates. They chose hunters that can't attend raids due to various reasons - alcoholics, injured...They were invited because by a law a C-rank raid needs 10 people.

Jin-Woo and Jin-Ho, only two of them entered the dungeon and shortly after that they cleared it and they went on another C-rank dungeon. In one dungeon Jin-Woo first time used his skill from the rune:[stealth]. As he slew down monsters he leveled up quite a bit and got some new skills:[Vital Strike], [Advanced Dagger Arts]. He killed one wolf with vital strike and the window popped up:[The (Player) has reached the required level], and a quest alarm as well [A (Job change quest) has arrived.], [Will you accept?].

When they left the dungeon Jin-Woo got confronted by An Sang-Min chief of second department of management at the White tiger guild. They went to the coffee house where chief offered him joining the White Tiger Guild for twice the amount that Jin-Ho offered him. Jin-Woo didn't want to accept it so he said that he offered less money then Jin-Ho. Jin-Woo threatened Sang-Min to say nothing about him or his power. Scammed Sang-Min, selling him 3 C-rank dungeons amounting to 300 million each, but in the end he bought it for 600m. He even used one of the healing potions to heal chief's wound and then he left.

Novel Summary

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Characters Appearance in Order

Magic Beasts Appeared

Webtoon and Novel Differences

  • Jinwoo received a new Hunter Phone from the Association.
  • He also received some Message from Choi Yoo-Ra.
  • The Scene between Lola and Hwang Dong-Su happened after his Talk with Yoo Jin-Ho.
  • Lola didn't meet Hwang personally but over the phone.
  • Zombies and Lizardmens only appeared in the Novel.
  • Jinwoo made some Potion-Tests with Yoo Jin-Ho if its tradeable/useable.
  • Yoo also gave him the Bankbook with 600 Million on it which is from selling Magic Cores.
  • The Scene with Ahn and Hyun happened before Jinwoo going to the first Raid-Party with Yoo.
  • Ahn believe Yoo is testing Jinwoo in the Raid-Party before recruiting him.
  • Ahn and Hyun didn't go to the Raid-Party directly, but go separate ways to 2 different Gates and wait for the Raid-Party to appears.
  • Hyun watched the Raid-Party go in Gate with only 2 People and told Ahn they completed it in just 30 Min instead of estimated 2 hours.
  • What happened in Werewolves Gate in WB did happen in the Zombie Gate before in Novel.
  • Yoo brought Jinwoo to Murae Mall where another Instant Dungeon is there. As he entered the Dungeon, he was contacted by Ahn.
  • Ahn Talk about finding out Jinwoo is reawakened and making a offer is reverted in Novel.
  • Jinwoo thought about a method to fight red Monster before going to Demon Castle and that is to fail the Daily Quest and doing the Penalty Quest.
  • Jinah informed Jinwoo about the Parents meeting in School.
  • Hyun visited Jinwoo and bought him Vegetable Juice.
  • The Class Advancement Quest appeared in Lizardmens Gate.
  • The Gate-Deal happened not on the first meeting with Ahn but another time and healing him with the HP-Potion didnt happen in Novel.

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