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Yoo Myunghan (유명한의) is Jin-Ho's father and the CEO of Yoojin Construction.



Despite being strict and uptight, he is a very caring father. This shows when he is trying to build a guild, not for the sake of money but for the sake of protecting his family.

Also, when his doctor advised him to distance himself from his only awakened son, Yoo Jin-Ho. Since his son was an awakened being which contains mana, the mana will speed up the Eternal Sleep disease which he acquired. He became mad at the doctor's advise saying that no father could possibly distance themselves from their son as he thinks of how his son would feel if he do that.


He had managed to accomplish things that everyone else had told him was impossible. He inherited Yoojin Construction when it tittered on the 30th place among the business world and raised it to the #1 spot in the country.[1]


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