Yoo Soo-Hyun (유수현) is a famous model in Korea and Jin-Ho's cousin.


As one would expect given that she's a model, Soo-Hyun is a beautiful young woman with long silky brown hair (later dyed a pale shade of purple) and a curvaceous hourglass figure. While going around in public, she tends to dress casually and wears a hat or a mask in order to prevent strangers from recognizing her.


Soo-Hyun is affable and charming, to the point that even photographers who weren't initially up for working with her to due to her family's high-society status will go as far as to actively seek her out after working with her just once. She also despises egomaniacs like Lee Min-Sung and respects people who snub them, as shown by how she mainly remembered Jin-Woo as the man who stole the spotlight from Min-Sung on his big day.


Soo-Hyun first appeared while talking with Jin-Ho over a meal of sliced pork belly and was somewhat irritated at her cousin for dragging her out to this restaurant for no real important reason. By that point, however, Jin-Ho was too drunk for his own good and so she was forced to put up with his antics until Jin-Woo called in.

Shortly after the events of the 4th Jeju Island Raid, Jin-Woo attempted to make his own guild but was having trouble finding a third member, as he wanted somebody who had no actual interest in raiding so that he would be able to hoard all the raid benefits to himself. Jinho decided to call in Soo-Hyun, as she fit the bill, and she was more than happy to join the guild upon learning from him that Jin-Woo, the man who screwed Min-Sung over on the day of his big press conference, was its guild master.


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